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Get tips and expert help from professional photographers at MeriYaadein Photo Studios for some of the best practices in photography. Learn about the best techniques to capture photographs or portraits, whether it is in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Learn about the different factors that you should consider when preparing for a photo session. Read our blog to hone your photography skills and appreciate the role of lighting, background, contrast and camera angles. Find out how can create winning compositions that customers will appreciate.

Looking for information on the rule of thirds? Or confused about the ‘golden hours’ of photography? Take a look at our blog posts and learn about the technical terms and jargon used among established photographers.

Not sure how to go about selecting a professional photographer for an upcoming event, family get-together or milestone in your life? Get help by reading our well-researched blog posts and identify the best photographer in a particular genre. Take home a professional photo album to capture some of the best memories of your life.

Or are you trying to specialize in a distinct genre of photography? Whether it is wedding photography or infant photography, the blog will equip you with the necessary skills to help you grow out of your amateur phase. Find out what it takes to become a much sought-after photographer in your chosen area of expertise.

This blog of MeriYaadein Photo Studios offers well-researched content on the latest trends in photography, apart from tips on how to improve photography. Catch up on the tricks of the trade to hone your photography skills and find out how to compose a portrait by reading our blog.

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