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Add A Dash Of Humour To Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photograph Move over romantic or vintage-themed pre-wedding photo shoots. The trend has shifted towards innovative themes that add a comical twist to the photo shoot. Add a dash of humour to your pre-wedding photo shoot to make it a memorable experience for both of you, as a couple.

The Kidnapping Theme

You could try the kidnapping theme, where you could stage a kidnapping scene. Get creative in the way you visualize the scene. You could try making the groom a hostage in a car. Gag the mouth, tie the hands and fake an injury to make the scene even more realistic.

Kwasy Danyels featured a pre-wedding photograph in an article on hilarious pre-wedding photos, in which the bride is kidnapping the groom in a car.  With his hands tied and mouth gagged, the groom looks every bit the part of a kidnapped person. The bride looks sassy even as she strikes a pose and is all set to kidnap her groom.

The Hunt

You could also showcase the hunt, in which you can have the bride posing as the hunter and the groom as the hunted. Get creative with outfit ideas. You could have the bride holding a sword, while the groom’s hands and legs are tied with a rope for added effect.

Francis Akhalbey said in a recent blog on innovatively-themed pre-wedding photo shoot :

“Pre-wedding photo shoots have become more of a prerequisite for soon-to-be-married couples lately. The time, effort and detail put into it cannot be overestimated and it definitely sets the tone and mood for the “big day”.

Some couples even go over the edge with some innovatively funny themes that would get your ribs cracking!”

An auto ride

You could also feature the bride and groom in a rickshaw, with the groom riding the rick, while the bride is sitting behind. It can add variety to your pre-wedding photo shoot, making your snaps timeless and beautiful, in a unique setting.

When you add humour to the photo shoot, it brings happy smiles and memories of time spent together with your partner. It doesn’t become just another photo session that you schedule with your partner.

Start planning your pre-wedding photo session today, to create beautiful memories. You deserve nothing but the best for the two of you, even as you begin a beautiful chapter in your life.

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