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Monday, June 13, 2016
Cool Ideas For Beautiful Infant Photographs

infant photo studio in BangaloreEver wondered what goes into the making of picture-perfect photographs of cuddly infants? While having good lighting and the right camera angles goes a long way, it is not limited to these elements. You should be ‘in the moment’ and be able to capture the beauty of the moment by composing images of the baby, highlighting its best features. Working with a professional infant photo studio in Bangalore can help you capture adorable baby snaps. This article shares some cool ideas for beautiful infant photographs.

Capture Snaps Of The Baby Interacting With Mom And Dad

It’s a good idea to capture a variety of snaps, with some including the mom and dad as well. Don’t limit yourself to individual snaps of the tiny tot. Be patient and wait for the right moment to capture snaps of the baby interacting with either of the parents. (more…)

Monday, June 6, 2016
Some Fun Themes You Can Use For A Baby Photo Session

baby photography studio in BangaloreSetting up a themed baby photo session can be fun and have special significance for expecting parents. Whether you choose a beach or a rainbow baby, let the photographs speak to you. It’s a very special feeling for a couple to welcome a child into the family. You can always share your theme suggestions with a baby photography studio in Bangalore and watch them as they bring it to life before your eyes.

Shreyanka Mazumdar said in a recent article in the Times of India:

“Themes are big now and they take the cuteness of the picture several notches higher. Sometimes, the baby dozes off as soon as I place him on the bed where I’ve set up the theme.”

Having a themed photo session can make a baby photographs exciting and interesting. It’s a great way to break through the clutter and attract the attention of audiences. (more…)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Here’s How Can You Capture Adorable Baby Snaps

baby photography studio in BangaloreWondering how a baby photographer is able to capture the perfect smile, expression or pose? Well, it requires patience, practice, skill and ideas. If you’re not up for it, simply head to a professional baby photography studio in Bangalore to capture beautiful snaps of your infant today.

Capture The Uniqueness Of The Baby

Every baby has something unique to offer. It may be a head full of hair, a bright smile, a dimpled cheek or chubby arms. It is up to you to focus on these traits in your photographs. Pay attention to those traits that make a baby unique and adorable. Use props that will highlight these unique traits to create beautiful portraits. (more…)

Saturday, May 7, 2016
Tips For A Smooth Newborn Photography Session

newborn photography in BangaloreManaging a newborn baby can be a challenge for both, the new parents and the photographer. Some things to remember, a newborn baby should have their feed before the photo session, so that the baby will feel relaxed and fall asleep in no time. This will ensure that you get the newborn photographs that you need, without having to pacify a cranky baby. Alternatively, simply head to a photo studio that specializes in newborn photography in Bangalore. Read this article for some tips to have a smooth newborn photography session.

Set Client Expectations

Have a chat with the new parents and explain to them that a newborn photo session may last up to 3 hours. The parents should be prepared to set aside and invest time in a newborn photography session to be happy with the end results. When you inform them beforehand, you help them be better prepared with diapers, napkins and other essentials. (more…)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
What To Avoid When Taking Photographs of Infants

infant studio in Cloudnine, MalleshwaramInfants are tender and delicate to touch and require constant care and attention. The same holds true when you take them to a professional photo studio. If you want the expert photographers to handle the creative aspects of infant photography, simply head to the best infant studio in Cloudnine, Malleshwaram. This article shares some of the common mistakes that photographers make when taking pictures of infants.

Timing The Photo Session Badly

Babies can get cranky when they’re hungry or sleepy. The trick is to time the photo session when they baby is likely to be in a happy mood on regular days. The timing of the photo session can go a long way in ensuring the success of an infant photo session. It will be easier to get happy expressions from the infant, than when the baby is troubled. (more…)

Friday, April 1, 2016
How To Create Magic Through Infant Photographs

infant studio in Cloudnine, Malleshwaram Infants are adorable in everything that they do. Their innocent expressions can trigger smiles and light up a room. This is why you should treasure these memories of your little ones by capturing well-composed infant photographs.

Walk into a professional infant studio in Cloudnine, Malleshwaram if you’re looking to cherish andre-live the happiness of your infant baby.This article shares some great ideas to create magic through infant photographs.

Pose The Baby In A Carved Pumpkin

Babies look adorable, especially when they’re posed along with or in carved pumpkins. Get a big-sized pumpkin that you can use as an outfit for the infant. Get matching accessories in white or complimentary colors to create beautiful infant pics. (more…)

Friday, March 25, 2016
Ideas To Select The Perfect Backdrop For A Baby Portrait

baby photo studio in GurgaonEver wondered what makes a great baby picture? Well, it’s the combination of lighting, the right camera angle, composition and backdrop. Often, we go to great lengths to choose the right outfits and make-up for the subject. We tend to overlook the backdrop, which also plays an important role in creating adorable baby pictures. If the backdrop has a pattern or graphic that is distracting, it can take attention away from the subject.

If you’re looking to create adorable baby portraits, simply head to a professional baby photo studio in Gurgaon. This article shares some ideas to create the perfect backdrop for a beautiful baby portrait. (more…)

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Tips To Capture Beautiful Baby Photographs

baby photo studio in PuneHave you envied those photographs with picture-perfect baby snaps plastered all over their websites? Well, it’s time for you to polish your skills and become an expert baby photographer. This article shares some great tips to capture beautiful baby photographs. However, if you prefer to work with professional baby photographers, simply book a photo session at an expert baby photo studio in Pune.

Keep Your Elbows Close To Your Body

When you’re taking photographs of the baby, it’s a good idea to keep your elbows close to your body. When you keep your elbows close, you will move less and  there will be lesser movement. This will prevent any distortion in the image, resulting in better clarity. This trick works well, especially if your baby has learnt to walk and is difficult to hold still. (more…)

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Ideas To Capture Adorable Baby Photographs

baby photo studio in ChennaiIt is not every day that you get to capture beautiful baby snaps. It takes patience, practice and creative thinking to produce a stunning photography piece. Or you could head to a professional baby photo studio in Chennai to capture some great memories or moments shared with your tiny tot.

This article shares some interesting ideas that may help you capture picture-perfect baby images.

Understand The Personality And Style Of The Parents

Even before you begin the baby photo session, it is important to understand the personality and style of the parents. This can help you develop a perspective of what they may be expecting in the baby photographs. Ask questions and clarify if you have not understood a certain point. Be ready to be surprised or elaborate on your understanding to make sure that you have captured their expectations. (more…)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Photography Techniques To Improve Infant Baby Photography

infant baby photographyIt is a joy to watch infants for their cute, innocent expressions. However, when it comes to taking photographs, it can be a challenge to capture these expressions and get the infants to keep their eyes open. This article shares some photography techniques that you can use to improve the results you achieve with infant baby photography.

Feather The Light

Since infants are sensitive to bright light, it is suggested to feather the light to prevent squinting of the eyes. Feathering is a technique in which the source of light is adjusted in the softbox in such a way that the edges of the softbox are aimed at the infant. This will create the effect of diffused lighting and create beautiful infant photographs. (more…)

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