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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Expert Photographers Tell Us What Works In Corporate Headshots

corporate headshots photographySometimes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the status of a person or the clout surrounding a celebrity. However, if you want to get your corporate headshots photography right, you need to keep your cool and plan in advance. Expert photographers tell us what works, so you would be wise to listen to their advice.

Treat The Subject Like An Old Friend

It doesn’t matter even if you’re taking photographs of the CEO of a large company or a famous personality. They still depend on your skills as a photographer to represent them. So you need to keep your cool and treat the subject like an old friend. Being friendly with them and empathizing with them will help you. Listen to them and find out what they are most concerned about.

Stephen Ironside said in a recent article on corporate photography:

“One thing I try to keep in mind when this is happening is that these people are… people! They’re like me. They have personal lives. They have families. They have needs and wants and are depending on you to make them look good. So, take a deep breath, and if you treat them like a friend, call them by their first name, and are just nice to them, things will work out. “ (more…)

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Ideas To Transform Your Headshot Photographs

corporate photography BangaloreHeadshots are most often used in corporate photography to represent key spokespersons in a company. These headshots could be used in company magazines, brochures, websites and social media. This is why you should work with professional photographers with experience in corporate photography Bangalore.

Want to up your game when it comes to capturing headshots? It sounds simpler than it actually is. However, with the help of tips from expert photographers, you can improve your skills in headshots.

Consult With The Subject To Understand Expectations

It’s a good idea to have a pre-shoot meeting with your subject. This will help you understand what the subject is looking for. Find out what the resulting images will be used for. Is it a good idea to choose an informal or formal style for the photographs? Decide on the location and share ideas on outfits for the photo session. (more…)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
How To Be Prepared For Your Business Portrait

Best corporate photographyDo you have a business portrait photo session scheduled in the coming week? It is time to review your appearance and clothing and be prepared for your business portrait. Here are some tips you can use to look your best and have a winning business portrait. The best corporate photography studios offer consultation and help capture you at your best.

Plan The Impression You Wish To Make

Do you want to appear creative, relaxed and choose a non-formal setting? Dress accordingly by wearing casuals. However, if your business requires you to be formal, then stick to solid colored backgrounds and stick to formal outfits. (more…)

Sunday, October 9, 2016
How To Establish A Business In Corporate Headshots

Corporate photographers in mumbaiDid you know that you can make good money in corporate headshot photography? What you need to learn is how to capture genuine expressions and focus on the best attribute of your subject. Corporate photographers in Mumbai incorporate some of these ideas to develop a portfolio and get return customers for their professional services. Read on to learn some tips and ways to establish a business in corporate headshots.

Ask Your Subject To Look The Part

If the subjects want their clients to perceive them to be a relaxed person, who is approachable, they need to look the part. You could ask the subject to focus on how they are being perceived by their clients and how they would like to be perceived. This will help the subject to dress accordingly. Semi-formals can work well for those who want to be approachable and inviting. Formals are a great idea for a professional look.  (more…)

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Expert Tips On Capturing Corporate Headshots

corporate photoshoot in Mumbai Taking corporate headshots does not have to be a complex process. It requires patience, skill and timing to capture the perfect look. Often overlooked, the humble corporate headshot requires some thought and lots of communication.  This article shares some expert tips to capture corporate headshots that stand out from mundane shots. Head to a professional studio that specializes in corporate photoshoot in Mumbai today to take home some well-composed images.

Look Up At The Camera

The simple trick of looking up at the camera can do wonders for your headshot. When you make the effort of looking up, the expressions on your face look genuine, than simply by looking straight at the camera in front of you. (more…)

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Be Original In Your Ideas When Taking Corporate Photographs

corporate photography studio in BangaloreYou don’t need to settle for the same old ideas to capture great corporate photographs. Instead, be original in your ideas and be willing to experiment to create fun photographs that speak about the personality of the company that you’re working for. Contact a professional corporate photography studio in Bangalore to capture amazing snaps of the people in your company. Read on for some cool ideas to pep up corporate photography.

Get Creative With Locations

Just because it is corporate photography, you don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to the locations. Be flexible and creative when choosing locations for the photo sessions. This holds true for headshots as well. Don’t hesitate to take pictures in the break room or the cafeteria. (more…)

Saturday, January 16, 2016
What To Look Out For In Corporate Event Photography

best corporate photographyWhat are the factors you need to consider when taking photographs of corporate events? Are there some rules that you need to adhere to? There are some sensibilities that you need to consider when taking snaps of corporate events. These events may be conferences, award ceremonies or functions that are held annually.

If you want to establish yourself as a photographer well-known for the best corporate photography, this article will likely help you get there.

Understand What The Clients Are Looking For

Set up a meeting with your client or corporate, prior to the event to find out what the client is expecting from the photographs. Some clients may need formal photographs to be included in their magazine or to be up on their website, while other clients may also want some candid snaps of the event. Also find out who the main speaker at the event is and prepare a list of those whom you are expected to take snaps of. (more…)

Sunday, October 11, 2015
How To Take Your Corporate Event Photography A Notch Higher

corporate photographyWhether it is a conference, an annual general meeting or a shareholders meeting, most corporates look for professional photographers to capture the event. The photographs are often used as promotional material and are featured in the corporate newsletters and other material.

Wondering how you can improve your skills and expertise in corporate photography at Bangalore? Read this article to learn of some useful tips to become an expert in covering corporate events.

Limit Your Use Of Flash

When covering corporate events, limit the use of flash. This will help capture the best ‘candid’ snaps. The use of flash can make people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. In addition, it can distract the audiences from the event or the speakers at the event. (more…)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Know The Essentials Of Corporate Photography

corporate photo studio in Bangalore Corporate photography is an art that requires skill and technique. When mastered, it could pave the way for a steady source of income. Establishing your photo studio as a popular corporate photo studio in Bangalore takes time and patience.

Why are corporate portraits in demand? This is because they are used to present a face in marketing material, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, company websites and press releases. When there is a distinctive appeal to the corporate portraits, you can rest assured that the corporate would approach you again. Here are some tips that will help you deliver a great experience to corporate customers. (more…)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Some Useful Tips To Capture Great Corporate Photographs

corporate photography in BangaloreIf you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free professional photography services, consider approaching a photo studio which specializes in corporate photography in Bangalore.

Try Natural Poses

Depending on the company culture, try natural poses instead of the clichéd headshots. This will make the photographs interesting for the audiences. You could even take photographs of employees at their desk. Try different angles or bring a different perspective to the corporate photographs.

Showcase Camaraderie

When capturing group photographs of employees, try showcasing the camaraderie shared by the team. You could do this by using a unique location or background for the snaps. You could take snaps of the team in the break area, while they are playing foosball or while they’re chilling out and cracking jokes on the sofa. (more…)

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