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Sunday, February 4, 2018
How To Capture the Perfect Glamour Photographs

glamour photographs The main element that can either enhance or spoil glamour photography is the lighting. However, experimenting with lighting can also give you surprising results. Discover how you can capture the perfect glamour photographs with some useful tips related to lighting.

See The Shot And Utilize Natural Light

It’s important to be able to see the shot and make the most of natural lighting, especially when outdoors. Making the most of natural lighting will give you beautiful shots, when you pose the subject appropriately. Take advantage of cloudy skies or shade offered by foliage to get the diffused lighting that’s perfect for glamour photography. Avoid shooting in harsh sunlight as it can cause squinting of eyes. The positioning of the lighting is crucial in any shot. (more…)

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Ideas To Take Your Modelling Portfolios A Notch Higher

modelling portfolio photographersA modelling portfolio can make all the difference in a person’s career. It has the power to either make or break a career. This is why you need to put in some thought when creating your modelling portfolio photographers and work with a professional modelling photographer to take your photographs a notch higher. These ideas will help you accomplish this goal in no time.

Highlight Any Specials Skills

Your modelling portfolio should highlight any special skills that you have. It may prove to be an added asset that ends ups getting you a career break that you’ve always wanted. It could be a dancing ability or a sport that you’re good at. (more…)

Friday, August 26, 2016
How To Build A Winning Portfolio

modelling photo studio in Chennai As budding photographers, you may feel the pressure of building a portfolio that features your best work. Or you realize the need to create a winning portfolio, but have no idea how to go about it. Doing some research can guide you about which photographs to include and which to eliminate. Speaking to expert photographers at a modelling photo studio in Chennai can give you some useful pointers as well. Here is some guidance from photographers who have been through it all.

Know Where You Stand

Self-realization can help take you forward in your career as a photographer. While accepting compliments is easy, learning from criticism can improve your photography skills and help establish yourself. Ask honest feedback from senior photographers. This will help you know where you stand. Before you begin marketing your portfolio to modelling agencies, show them that you know your stuff. You need to establish yourself and gain recognition among your peers, before you solicit work with top-rated modelling agencies. (more…)

Monday, August 15, 2016
Top Tips When It Comes To Working With Models

modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar When it comes to fashion photography or modelling, working with models is challenging. Experienced models may not collaborate as well as you may expect, while amateur models may need a lot of hand-holding and directions to get the expected photographs. Read this article to learn how you can work with models effortlessly and achieve stunning snaps that you can be proud of. Alternatively, work with a renowned modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar to learn the tricks of the trade.

Use The Criticism Sandwich When Giving Feedback

Experienced models may find it difficult to accept criticism. This is why you should use tact when speaking to them. The ‘criticism sandwich’ is a great way to share your feedback with models. First, provide positive feedback and then give your suggestion and end with another positive feedback. This way, the model will be willing to listen to your directions.

Photographer Jeff Rojas shared some tips in a recent article: (more…)

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Ideas To Spice Up Your Modelling Photo Shoot

modelling photo shoot in BangaloreAre you tired of the same posing techniques and backgrounds for a modelling photo session? It is time for you to think out of the box and get inspired to come up with some funky ideas that will spice up your modelling photographs. This article shares some cool ideas that you can use in your modelling photo shoot in Bangalore.

Get Creative With Reflections

Get outdoors to capture the fun and excitement that the reflections can bring to your modelling photographs. If it has rained recently, don’t hesitate to use the puddles for the fun reflections that they throw. You can experiment with reflections from a puddle of water to highlight the shape and curves of the human body. Reflections can change the perspective of an image. (more…)

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Posing Tips For A Modelling Photo Session

modelling photo shootLooking for help when it comes to posing models for a photo session? It’s not just the posing that influences the outcome of a photo session, but the grooming and choice of outfitsalso impacts the resulting photographs. When it comes to a modelling photo shoot, the attitude and body language of the model also speaks volumes than the actual poses itself. Read this article to learn about some posing tips for a modelling photo session.

Be Polite, Yet Firm In Your Direction

When you’re giving posing suggestions to the model, be polite but firm and instil confidence in the model that you are in control of the photo session. Don’t leave room for any guess work. Make sure that you check in the camera display or viewfinder for any obvious bloopers. The outfit should be washed and ironed, hair brushed and appropriate make-up applied. (more…)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Common Posing Mistakes To Avoid As A Fashion Photographer

Modelling photography MumbaiInexperienced models often look up to the photographer for directions and guidance, while posing for a photo session. Sometimes, they end up making some mistakes that result in awkward photographs, making the models feel unhappy or embarrassed about themselves.

Even experienced models can end up with a faux pas, affecting their future career prospects and assignments. This is why it is a good idea to avoid making these mistakes when posing models. This article shares some common posing mistakes that you need to avoid as a fashion photographer. These posing mistakes have been compiled from the experience of modelling photographers in Mumbai. (more…)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Top Posing Ideas To Capture Great Modelling Portraits

modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar It does not matter if you’re working with an aspiring model or an experienced model, you still need to be able to create winning compositions. Your skills as a photographer are tested, especially when the model is a newcomer and needs guidance in posing techniques. Having knowledge about posing techniques and tricks can you take far in creating a modelling portfolio for a model. You could assist a senior photographer at a leading modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar to acquire skills along the way.

Ask The Model To Follow Their Nose

You could capture some flattering images of the model by asking them to follow their nose. This simple trick allows the eyes to catch the lights, while keeping the white of the eyes to a minimum. (more…)

Saturday, August 15, 2015
Ideas To Capture Interesting Glamour Photographs

glamour photo shoot Glamour photography has become popular because of the demand in advertising campaigns. In addition, many aspiring models choose to have glamour photographs as part of their personal portfolio. Whatever be the reason, there are some ideas you can use to take unique photographs that stand out from the rest.This article shares some ideas to capture interesting glamour photographs. Alternatively you could choose to have a glamour photo shoot in Chennai.

The Model Should Maintain Good Eye Contact

It is the eyes which have the power to capture attention of audiences. When composing snaps, have the model lock eyes with the camera to create interesting glamour photographs. Even if the pose requires the model to pose sideways, maintaining eye contact with the camera can create some great snaps. (more…)

Thursday, June 18, 2015
How To Make Your Fashion Photography Stand Out

fashion photography in MumbaiAre you looking to develop a portfolio of fashion photography to have more magazines calling you for their cover pages? While you could always assist a professional photographer who has established themselves in fashion photography in Mumbai, there are some ways in which you can make your photographs stand out.

You don’t need the model to show a lot of skin or wear provocative clothes to grab the attention of audiences. It takes creative thinking and strategic planning to make a fashion photography session successful. This article shares some great ideas to make your fashion photographs stand out and grab eyeballs.

Identify TheRight Model Or Models For The Photo Session

Outline a vision for the photo session and identify the right model, well in advance of the session. There are many modelling agencies that will be ready to help you with a portfolio of models. It is up to you to decide which model fits your vision best. (more…)

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