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Monday, November 20, 2017
How To Improve Your Outdoor Couple Portraits

outdoor couple portraitsWhen you’re looking to capture beautiful couple portraits in an outdoor location, there are a number of things you need to consider. The location, outfits, the couples’ preferences, weather and lighting are just some of the elements you need to plan and consider to improve your outdoor couple portraits.

Shoot With The Sun Behind You

It’s a good idea to shoot with the sun behind you.This will help you avoid dark shadows in the composition. Bright light can wreak havoc in your photo session. You want soft and diffused lighting to capture beautiful images. Sometimes, you can’t do anything about the bright light, especially when shooting in an outdoor location. One way to avoid being in such a situation is to plan the photo session in the golden hours. Alternatively, simply shoot with the sun behind you. (more…)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
How To Find Success With Outdoor Portraits

outdoor portraitsSometimes, a client may insist on an outdoor photo session or if you’re covering an event that is taking place outdoors, you may find it a challenge to find success with outdoor portraits. The lighting, location, background and other elements need to be managed to compose a beautiful photograph. Read on to learn how you can find success with outdoor portraits.

Change The Perspective Of Your Shooting Angle

While most photographers stick to capturing photographs at the eye-level, it’s a good idea to change the perspective of your shooting angle. It makes the composition interesting, by giving a different perspective of your subject. You will find different elements that will add to the final composition of the photographs.

Jordan Pinder said in a recent article on improving composition of outdoor portraits: (more…)

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Top Mistakes To Avoid In Outdoor Photography

photo studio in Jayanagar 4th block How do you develop a reputation for capturing beautiful portraits? By learning from the best and identifying the top mistakes. Knowing the common mistakes made by photographers will help prepare you to capture beautiful portraits. Walk into a professional photo studio in Jayanagar 4th block to take home well-composed portraits. Here are some top mistakes to avoid in outdoor photography.

Not Removing Obstructions

Capturing photographs in an outdoor location carries its own challenges. Apart from lugging camera equipment, you also need to eliminate distractions like vehicles and people who keep walking about. It’s no fun to capture a portrait, which has featured a four-tiered vehicle in the foreground, whereas the subject is hidden from view. It confuses the viewer about what is the focus of the image. (more…)

Sunday, April 9, 2017
Take A Look At Trends In Outdoor Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding photographersMany couples are opting for outdoor wedding ceremonies because of the exotic locations or picturesque backdrop offered by these places. An outdoor wedding can be exciting, unpredictable and yet full of surprises. Take a look at some of the trends observed in outdoor wedding photography.

Industrial Warehouses Are A Trending Location

Outdoor wedding photographers are accustomed to attend wedding ceremonies set against the backdrop of vintage castles and barns. However, industrial warehouses are slowly becoming a favourite of the couples who are planning to wed. These warehouses transform when they are decorated with flowers, lights and other decorations. (more…)

Saturday, April 11, 2015
How To Capture Striking Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor photography in BangaloreOutdoor portraits can make an otherwise dull portrait come alive with colour and sunshine. Instead of capturing photographs with a standard backdrop at studios, you can take home a vibrant portrait against the dark woods, or a sun-kissed valley. While you can always head to the nearest professional photo studio with expertise in Outdoor photography in Bangalore, here are some tips to capture striking outdoor portraits. (more…)

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