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Common Mistakes Made In Corporate Portraits

corporate portraitsIt’s easy to assume that photographers have it easy when clicking corporate portraits. Whether it’s a headshot or an event, photographers need to be aware of the common mistakes that can mess up an otherwise good photo. Read on to learn about the common mistakes made in corporate portraits.

Not Including Catch lights In The Eyes

The sparkle in the eyes when captured through catchlights can create beautiful portraits. Throwing light in the eyes without causing a subject to squint can be a challenge. The trick is to position the key light appropriately to achieve the intended effect of catchlights.

Jake Hicks said in a recent article on classic portrait lighting mistakes:

“Catchlights are certainly powerful signifiers of life so correctly positioning the key light just above the models head and slightly in front will ensure the face is lit properly and that the eyes are receiving light to give them that tell-tale sparkle.”

Not Having Sufficient Breathing Space

Ensure that the subject is not seated at the edge of the frame or have the subject seated too close to the background. Ensure there is sufficient breathing space around the subject. Otherwise, the photograph will look too cluttered. The focus will shift away from the subject and the background will be highlighted, defeating the purpose of the corporate portrait.

Will Nicholls said in a recent article on composition mistakes in portraits:

“If your subject is too close to the edge of the frame and is looking “out” of the image, it can feel quite claustrophobic.

Similarly, too much space around the subject can make things feel far too empty. Try and use the rule of thirds and crop your photo to fix this.”

Very often, the subjects will be in a hurry, giving you a short time-frame to capture the images that you want. This is why it makes sense to keep two photo opportunities with different backgrounds ready.

Looking to improve your skills in capturing better corporate portraits? You can learn from others’ mistakes and avoid making those, to create beautiful portraits that your clients will love.

While you can learn from your own mistakes, the smarter thing to do is to learn from others’ mistakes.Read this article to learn about common mistakes made by photographers in corporate portraits.

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