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Cool Ideas To Transform Photographs of Children

Candid kids photography in BangaloreChildren can be messy, naughty, fun, sweet or silent. Their little personalities are distinct and require professional photographers to capture their identities. You should try to capture kids as they are, instead of making them pose or making them look like grown-ups. Read this article for some cool ideas to transform photographs of children.

Capture Candid’s Rather Than Posing Kids

When you ask kids to pose for you, the result will not make you happy. Capturing candid’s is a better idea. Keep the kids engaged with something and watch for the opportunity to capture photographs of them. You will be surprised at the results. It’s a good idea to zoom in from a distance. This way, the kids will not feel like they are being watched or get suspicious. The best studio for Candid kids photography in Bangalore is MeriYaadein.

Jennifer Doverspike said in a recent article:

“Candid shots are better than posed shots. Let your kids do their thing. You might ask them to head over to that beautiful grouping of flowers, but please don’t tell them how to pose. My favorite photos are of the unscripted moments.”

Get Creative: Include Your Kid’s Imaginary Friends

Recently, a photographer decided to bring to life the imaginary friends of her kid by illustrating them in the photographs. The result is stunning. When you include an object or character that holds special significance to the child or mother, it triggers fond memories of childhood. Children have lively imagination and it’s a pleasure to watch them explain about these imaginary friends.

Caroline Bologna said in a recent article:

“An adorable photo series is bringing kids’ imaginary friends to life.

Inspired by her 3-year-old daughter Mia, photographer Anna Angenend teamed up with illustrator and fellow mom Amy Snyder (aka Amy Gets Artsy) to create a series called “My Monster & Me.” The photos show kids along with the magical friends (or in some cases “monsters”) from their imaginations.”

Get Silly With Balloons Or/And Bubbles

You can get silly by playing with the children using props like balloons or bubbles. It will help them feel more comfortable with you, apart from giving them something to do, during the course of the photo session. Children love playing with balloons and bubbles. It’s a great way to keep them occupied, while the balloons and bubbles look great in the photographs as well. Use it to your advantage and take home stunning images of your kids.

It’s a good idea to spend some time with the kids and interact with them, before the photo session. This makes them feel at ease. You can capture candids, get creative by including their imaginary friends or include props like balloons and bubbles. These ideas will help you capture adorable images of your children.

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