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Create Your Perfect Family Portrait This Christmas

family photo studio in JayanagarIt’s the season of giving and sharing. Why not make this holiday special by creating the perfect family portrait? Schedule your family photo session at a professional family photo studio in Jayanagar, Bangalore today. Capture wonderful memories shared with your loved ones this Christmas. Read this article to learn more.

Make Your Own Family Christmas Portrait

This is your chance to reflect the unique personality of your family in family portraits.  Does your family enjoy baking, singing or playing games? Capture this interest through well-composed family portraits.

Do you have a great idea for outfits or poses? Use the chance to create lasting memories for your family.

As shared in a recent news article:

“Revive the time-honoured tradition and have your family portrait taken by a professional. Shop for matching outfits or even put your own creative spin with a fun, themed photo shoot. You can have the photos printed out as your family Christmas cards, blown up on a bigger canvas that you can hang on your walls, or have them copied into smaller prints, which can fit perfectly in your wallet. Not only will this put a smile on your faces, it will bring more joy to the people in your life. This is the perfect memento for Christmas.”

Choose Natural Lighting

As shared in a video by Wired’s Photo Team, you need to set the scene and make sure that the centre of attraction are the family members. You don’t want the cluttered background or a colourful wall to grab the attention in the family portrait. It is the individual family members who you want to celebrate and feature in the family portrait.

Embed code for the video:

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Stick To One DSLR Camera

When taking pictures of your family, it is a good idea to stick to one DSLR camera. This way, the family members will keep their eyes trained on a single camera, instead of having their attention diverted to other smartphones and cameras. Keep it simple and easy to accomplish the task and get great pictures. The more cameras you have, the more people you need to manage them and provide detailed instructions to family members.

Children may find it confusing to follow such directions. So sticking to one camera can eliminate this issue.

Spend Time Interacting With Family Members

Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a great idea to connect with the family members and engage them with conversation. Asking them questions or even asking them to sing a favorite song will get you grins that are picture-perfect.

Use the tips shared in this article to create your perfect family portrait. Here’s your chance to capture fun times shared with your family members this Christmas season.

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