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Creating Stunning Maternity Portraits Gets Easier. Learn How

maternity photo sessionA maternity photo session is all about celebrating life and this special moment when you’re nurturing your little one in the womb. You don’t need expensive outfits or an elaborate backdrop to capture stunning maternity portraits. All you need to do is to plan your outfit in advance and try some unique locations for a memorable maternity photo session.

Wear Bold, Bright Colors That Will Stand Out

The baby bump is the most visible reminder of the pregnancy period. Making your baby bump stand out will emphasize the beauty of this period. Wearing outfits in bold, bright colors will highlight the baby bump and make it stand out, especially against a dull background. The idea is to create contrast in the composition. So, if you’re scheduling the photo shoot in a location with bright colors, it’s a good idea to opt for outfits in dull, light colors.

Maressa Brown said in a recent article on taking beautiful baby bump photos:

“Choose an outfit that will stand out against the background or setting you’re taking pictures in,” Stennett advises. “I usually dress my maternity clients in a bolder color to make sure there is plenty of contrast and the outline of their belly can be seen.

Try Unique Locations Like Underwater

When you feel special, it reflects in the photographs and you’ll get stunning maternity portraits. Try unique locations to add an oomph factor to your maternity photos. It could be heading to the beach or shooting underwater or climbing up a hill. These unique locations will add a charm to the photographs, making them stand out from other maternity photo sessions. When you see the results, you will know that the effort you put into it is worth it.

Brad Esposito said in a recent article about an underwater maternity photo session:

“The result was a series of photos of Jasmine and Marcus underwater, with Jasmine wearing a flowing blue top and Marcus in a button-up shirt. Honestly, it looks like a Renaissance painting.”

Sometimes, doing things differently will give you unexpected results. It’s a good idea to experiment with locations and planning your outfits in advance, for a successful maternity photo session.

Creating stunning maternity portraits requires a bit of planning, fun and the right attitude. If you’ve selected an appropriate outfit and location, you have won half the battle. Choosing the right maternity photographer is next. Working with a professional maternity photographer will give you peace of mind. Proceed with the photographer if you’re comfortable with their style of photography. Ask questions and take home stunning maternity portraits today!

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