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Creative Themes For Your Pre-Wedding Snaps

7022001246-030 copyA pre-wedding photo session is the perfect excuse to experiment with creative themes and have fun. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about your betrothed and the photographer’s style. You can evaluate both and look at alternate options if you’re not happy about what you discover.

Since the photographs of your wedding will be in your wedding dress, you can use the opportunity to let the photo shoot speak to you as a couple or reflect your true interests. Get to learn more about your partner and enjoy your pre-wedding photography session. Consult with professional pre wedding photographers in Chennai to find a perfect theme that speaks to both of you as a couple. Read on to learn more about these creative themes.

Play The Hunter And The Hunted

You could play out the kidnapping scene where the woman is dragging the man, while he’s tied up. This could add a dramatic feel to the photo session, making it come alive with emotions. You could also have the woman hold a weapon like a gun or a sword for added effect.

Em Nikki described a trend in pre-wedding photography, in a recent blog:

“One recurring theme is the kidnapping theme where the fact that you both are married until death is played upon. The brides act like they are kidnapping their men and the men play the hostage.

It results in a very hilarious result that can make you fall off your chair and roll on the floor.”

You can take home beautiful memories of time spent together as a couple during your pre-wedding photo session.

Capture Photos Of The Guy Rescuing The Damsel In Distress

You could take snaps of the guy carrying the girl away from trouble or picture a scene where the guy is rescuing the damsel in distress.The excitement and happiness in carrying your partner and physical contact will show in the resulting images. You could make the photos interesting by making the girl wear a skirt and hat.

Capture A Fairy-tale Look For The Couple

You could have a great perspective when taking snaps of the couple from a safe distance. Capture a fairy-tale look for the couple, by standing at a good distance. This will make the couple feel more at ease and give natural reactions while posing, instead of being camera-shy.

According to a recent article:

“The goal is always to go unnoticed by wedding guests, so try to remain at a safe distance from the bride and groom for most the ceremony. This zoom lens is great for close up photos as well as quick focusing abilities as the bridal party and bride walk up the mandap or the stage.”

Discover fun themes for your pre-wedding photo session and make them come alive. Read this article to make your pre-wedding photographs fun and interesting.

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