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Did You Know That Creating Fun Family Portraits Is A Cake-Walk? Learn How

Family photographyWe have come a long way from stiff and formally posed family portraits, which leave no room for creativity. Do you know that creating fun family portraits is a cake-walk? Using some tried and tested posing ideas, you can create family portraits that are memorable. Some photographers are experts in family photography, knowing how to bring out the best in family members.Take a cue by reading this article for some ideas to click a fun family portrait today.

Row A Boat Together

You can make the family pose in such a way that it looks like they are rowing a boat.Make the family members sit down on the floor, one behind the other, forming a slanted line. Make sure that their legs and hands are aligned. Give them something to do or say in unison. Start taking photographs when they are in the middle of an action.

Try A Photo Booth With Props

You could get creative with your family portraits by setting up a photo booth and arranging some fun props. Oversized glasses, moustaches and bunny teeth can be sure to bring smiles on the faces of family members.

Jennifer Chen said in a recent article:

“Gather goofy holiday-appropriate props for added fun. Use a tripod to get yourself in the picture, or take the camera off the tripod and use a zoom lens to get closer or farther depending on the number of subjects.”

Form A Pyramid Structure

Avoid having the family members stand in a straight line or pose on the same level. Instead stagger the heads by forming a pyramid structure. You could use chairs or the stairs to create a fun and interesting portrait of the family.

Pose On Stairs

Staircases are great for posing family members as they help to stagger the heads. It makes all the faces of family members visible in the resulting photographs. It makes posing effortless and makes the photographs visually interesting. You could also look for a house with a banister to add visual appeal in the resulting images.

Peek A Boo

Use a curtain that is parted at the centre to pose a ‘peek-a-boo’ of all the family members.Have the family members peeking through the curtain at different heights for a fun family portrait.

Use Movement To Engage Family Members

Family members at once put on a front, when they are asked to pose for a photograph. You could break the ice by using some activities to engage with family members. Ask them to play a game and watch how their body language becomes more relaxed and how their expressions are fun-filled. Be ready with your camera and start taking photographs of the family, when they are enjoying each other’s company.

Jamie Davis Smith said in a recent Huffington Post article:

“As soon as the human body is in motion it relaxes. Even the stiffest of families relaxes once Elena asks them to move in some way. She loves to use motion in her lifestyle work to add depth and interest and also authenticity. Elena often asks her families to walk, dance, or move in some way together.”

When family members feel more at ease during the photo session, you’ll be more likely to catch them at their best, interacting with each other and enjoying each other’s company. Use the opportunity to capture great family portraits.

Out of ideas for a family photography session? Get inspired with posing ideas shared in this article to capture some fun family portraits. Get outdoors to capture some amazing portraits of families.

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