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Discover All About Birth Photography

Rainbow Hospital, MarathahalliBirth photography is a challenging field, as photographers need to be comfortable with the process of birth. Not everyone is comfortable seeing blood and dealing with the labour pain. There are some photographers who are fascinated by the miracle of life and are pursuing this as a profession. You can contact professional photographers at MeriYaadein Photo Studios at Rainbow Hospital, Marathahalli to take home beautiful images. Read to learn about birth photography.

Capturing The Miracle of Life

Birth photography is all about capturing the miracle of life. The fact that the birth takes place after excruciating pain experienced by the mother in itself brings hope. The expressions on the people present during delivery and the emotions experienced by the immediate family are priceless.

Urshita Saini,who recently stepped into the world of maternity shoots and new-born photography said in a recent article:

“Birth Photography is not all about some flashes and clicks but instead is quite a sensitive matter concerning the mother and baby’s life. We want her to feel empowered about how miraculously she brought the little one to life amid all pain, chaos and exhaustion,” Saini, who has been in photography for last 15 years, told IANS.

Birth Photography Is Documentary Photography

Birth photography can be compared to documentary photography, where the birth is captured as it occurs, without manipulating the location or other elements. It is natural for parents to get emotional on seeing the baby enter their lives. The family gets overwhelmed with joy on seeing the bundle of joy enter their lives and hearts. It is these emotions that evoke joy and happiness and birth photographers strive to capture these for the families to treasure for a lifetime.

Jane McCrae, an award-winning birth photographer servicing the Central Coast in NSW said in a recent article in TheAge:

“Birth photography is documentary photography,” she says. “I capture a family’s birth journey in all its raw, emotionally charged, beautiful glory.”

The miracle of birth is a beautiful and joyful event which families celebrate. Birth photographers cherish these moments and strive to compose beautiful images of the birth process, when a life enters the world from the womb.

Birth Photography Is Captured In Monochrome

Photographers choose to capture images in monochrome, because the pictures can be disturbing for audiences, where a lot of blood is seen. Birth photography when captured in monochrome can exaggerate the emotions experienced, through the expressions of family members.

The miracle of birth when captured through well-composed images, can be used to chronicle an important event in a family. Read this article to learn all about birth photography.

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