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Discover Themes In Newborn Photography

photo studio in Rainbow HospitalIf you’re looking to create stunning newborn photographs, you need to think of interesting themes, background and get props and outfits. Discover themes in newborn photography by reading this article. Walk into the photo studio in Rainbow Hospital to schedule a newborn photography session today or to get inspiration from their ideas.

Recreate The Harry Potter Theme

You can recreate themes of movie characters when posing newborn babies. Choose your favourite movie characters and select outfits along with props that complement them. This way, you can make the newborn photography session fun. In a recent photo shoot, the mother decided to recreate the Harry Potter theme.

Caroline Bologna said in a recent article on a Harry-Potter themed newborn photography:

“When Quinn Watson was born in August 2016, her parents celebrated her arrival with a special newborn photo shoot. Knowing that Quinn’s mom, Danielle, was a big Harry Potter fan, photographer Katie Tanner made the magical series the theme.

Katie ordered special Harry Potter-themed props, and Danielle brought some of her own as well. The newborn photos show baby Quinn swaddled with a wand, sorting hat, stuffed owl and piece of parchment with the word “spells.”

Recreate Scenes With Babies As Loved Characters

You could also choose to recreate famous movie scenes or babies as loved characters. For instance, one photographer chose to pose babies as Disney princesses. Select suitable locations that will match the scenes that you’re trying to recreate. This will help in creating beautiful baby photographs in the form of your loved characters.

Taylor Pittman said in a recent article on photographs of Disney princesses:

“Earlier this year, Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits captured pics of six babies dressed as Disney princesses. After the project racked up millions of views in a video Babble and Disney (Babble’s parent company) shared on social media, Karen Marie knew she wanted to quickly start her next series of baby princess photos. For the new project, she imagined six more babies as Pocahontas, Elena from “Elena of Avalor,” Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog,” Rapunzel from “Tangled,” Mulan and Moana.”

Choose hairstyles and outfits that will add to the movie scenes and characters. Pay attention to the lighting and the baby’s mood. Let the baby have fun with the props. Watch them and be ready with your camera to capture their smiles.

Keep the baby comfortable and warm by getting baby blankets and soft toys. Keep the temperature warm in the photo studio. This will help the baby fall asleep more easily, as it mimics the temperature inside the mother’s womb. Discover themes in newborn photography that will rock the newborn baby photo session.


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