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Discover What Makes A Winning Portrait

portrait photography studioAs a photographer, what are some of the ways to ensure that you capture a winning portrait? Is there a formula that guarantees success? Formula or no formula, there are some guidelines that you can follow. This will help you identify if you are on your way to creating a winning portrait photography studio.

Does the portrait make you curious about the subject?

A portrait that makes the audience want to learn more about the subject is definitely a winning portrait. It does not need to be overwhelming, in terms of the make-up or outfit, but if it makes you think, then it’s a success.

On the other hand, if a portrait does not make you want to take another look, then you need to improve on your portrait captures.

Michael Comeau said in a recent article on the commandments of portrait photography:

“Forget the words good and bad. What do they even mean anyway? I prefer to think of pictures in terms of effectiveness. If you want to know more about the subject, then it’s an effective portrait.

You may not like what you see in a particular portrait, but if it gets you thinking, it is effective.”

Create Curves with the Subject’s Ability

Posing a subject in such a way as to create curves can lead to flattering portraits. Instead of facing the camera directly, you can use the ligaments of the body to direct the eye of the viewer.

Wouter du Toit said in a recent article about knowing how to pose and being a better photographer: “Using the ligaments of the body to create shapes that lead into or out of the core of the body, to direct the eye of the viewer, is what you’re aiming to get. And using the subject’s ability to create curves are skills any photographer must have and feel comfortable directing for. It’s what defines a good model, and essentially the images you’re capturing defines your quality of work.”

Angling the subject or posing the subject to create curves can create flattering images. Sometimes, all it takes is a good pose or clever composition to create a winning portrait. The trick is in getting it right.

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