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Flaunt Your Baby Bump With Elan

maternity photoshootsGone are the days when women used to be self-conscious about the way they look during their pregnancy. The new trend is to celebrate and flaunt the baby bump. Pregnancy is a celebration of life and hope. A couple welcomes their little bundle of joy and is filled with happiness when they discover that they’re expecting. Take a look at trends in maternity photoshoots and schedule your photo session today.

Capture Weekly Baby Bump Photos

Many expectant mothers are taking baby bump photos on a weekly basis. It allows them to map out the transformation of their bodies during the pregnancy. In one such instance, a couple decided to incorporate the Disney theme in the photo shoot. They personalized the photo session by including a peanut plush toy in the photographs, which had special significance to the couple.

Emily Page Hatch said in a recentblog about capturing the Disney magic with baby bump photos:

“So each week since the 22nd week mark, the Boonsoms have found fun and creative ways to sprinkle Disney magic into their baby bump photos. The couple documents their baby’s growth by taking weekly photos of Jenn and her adorable baby bump dressed in super cute, crafty, and clever Disney-themed ensembles. Another unique part of every photo is a little peanut plush toy that holds special meaning to the pair.”

Showcase The Baby Bump Transformation

You could also compare your baby bump from your previous pregnancy by displaying maternity photographs side-by-side.The way a woman’s body transforms due to multiple pregnancies can be astounding and can make you thankful for the many blessings in one’s life.

ChaunieBrusie said in a recent article about taking side-by-side baby bump photos:

“Laura Mazza, who’s currently pregnant with her third baby, took to her Facebook page, Mum on the Run, to show off her baby bump transformation. In a post displaying her first baby bump at 14 weeks next to her current baby bump, Mazzaopened up about how self-conscious she was about the size of her bump the first time around.”

However you wish to display your baby bump photographs, it is important to plan your outfits, theme and props for the photo session. When you plan in advance, it becomes easier for the photographer to capture the snaps that you’re looking for. At the end of the day, you want to be happy with your maternity photographs and flaunt your baby bump with elan!

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