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Get Better At Wedding Photography With These Tips

wedding photographyHave you felt awed by the photography skills of expert photographers and wondered how they could capture those stunning images? If you have a few tricks up your sleeve and are ready to learn from the best, you can get into the list of the envied lot. Here’s how you can get better at wedding photography.

Achieve The Hourglass Silhouette

You can achieve an hourglass silhouette simply by posing the bride right. Ask her to keep one leg in front of the other and shift the weight to the leg at the back. It creates the hourglass silhouette. This simple posing technique will create a flattering photo of the bride.

Jimmy Chan said in a recent article on poses that work in wedding photography:

“Posing starts with the feet. Bend the front knee to shift the bride’s weight towards the back leg and away from the camera. This gives the classic, hourglass silhouette. Note the small gap after moving her arms away from the waistline by gently bending the elbows. Keep bending the joints for a softer look.”

Use A Tripod

Using a tripod will help you avoid any blurred images and will result in better clarity in the photographs. Capturing images by holding the camera in your hand can be done when a moment is fleeting or used to capture unexpected moments.

Will Nicholls said in a recent article on tips for wedding group photos from a veteran photographer:

“Reggie swears by using a tripod because of modern high-megapixel cameras. He says that the more megapixels there are, the more “sensitive” the camera is to motion.”

Spending some time to set up the camera at key points in the venue, well in advance will help save time later. Set up the tripod at a place where you can enjoy improved visibility and can capture the key moments during an event.

If you’re tired of churning out average wedding photographs, it’s time for you to pull up your socks and improve your game. This article shares some useful tips that you can use to get better at wedding photography.

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