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Here Are Some Recommended Poses For Dad And Me Photography

dad and me photographers in ChennaiEvery father cherishes the time spent with their kids. As the kids grow up, they relate on a whole new level with their parents. The way in which kids relate to their parent’s changes as they become older. Expert dad and me photographers in Chennai can help you reminisce the beautiful relationship that you share with your kid through well-composed images.

An Embrace From Behind

You could ensure that you capture the faces of both, dad and kids by asking the kid to embrace their father from behind. This pose reflects the close bond shared between the father and kid. The pose is very endearing and it elicits happy reactions from audiences.

Tumble And Play With Daddy

Many people have fond memories of playing games with their dad. So you could have the kids tumble over dad and have fun with him. You could ask the father to lie down on the floor and enjoy spending time with their kids. You can then get the kids to climb on top of daddy and play with him.

Kid Sitting On Shoulders

The effort of carrying a kid on the shoulders will show on the face and bring natural expressions of joy. This is a great pose for dad and me photography, especially is the kid is young and not too heavy.

Playing The Macho Man

Dads are the pillar of strength for their kids. They carry the ‘macho man’ image. You could have the dad and kid flex the muscles in their arms. It could make a cute photograph for the dad and kid. It’s a good idea to pose, wearing minimal clothing, while highlighting the bare arms.

Making Funny Faces

You could lighten up the mood in dad and me photography by having the father and kid make funny faces at the camera. You could also have both of them imitate the same pose. It breaks the ice and helps the dad and kid feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Make sure that the father and kid are connected to each other by way of holding hands or arms.

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