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Here Are Some Tricks To Improve Your Maternity Photos

maternity photos Did you know that you can improve your maternity photos with some inexpensive ideas from professionals? You don’t need to invest in outfits that cause a hole in your pocket or hire a celebrity photographer to update your photographs on social media. Read on to learn some easy tricks that you can use to improve your maternity photos.

Capture The Natural Beauty of Pregnancy By Taking Inspiration From Nature

With all the talk about ‘going green,’ you can’t leave your maternity photos behind. Why not take inspiration from nature for your outfits? Christophe Guinet, a professional photographer did exactly that in a recent maternity photography session. He glued flowers onto the baby bump of the expecting mother using natural ingredients. The result was spectacular. Set against the backdrop of forests, mountains and water bodies, the image speaks for themselves.

Mellisa Willets said in a recent:

“The flowers are directly glued to the skin with a special glue [I] based on water meal and sugar.”

Guinet’s work aims to show the everyday beauty of nature, according to his website. For this project in particular, the artist explains he wanted to channel the weeks of patience pregnant women must endure. Which, yes, can feel like forever.”

Take Photos From Slightly Above

Taking photos from slightly above the subject is a good idea. It helps create flattering photographs of the subject. This is a simple idea, when executed, can create beautiful images. Moreover, pregnant women are conscious about the way they look. Taking flattering images will boost the self-image of pregnant women.

Maressa Brown said in a recent article about taking beautiful baby bump photos:

“If you like taking selfies, you may already be in the habit of lifting your phone slightly, as that angle tends to be particularly flattering. Stennett likes this perspective for bump shots, too, because it lends itself to more flattering photos.”

Nobody wants to see a double chin in their photographs. They want to look smart and be at their best. It’s a good idea to wear outfits that make the subject feel comfortable and play up their best features. When the expecting woman feels special in her clothes, it will reflect in the resulting photographs.

As a photographer, it’s a good idea to have some poses and angles ready for the maternity photographs. While some people are easy to pose, others may need direction. You should be willing to bend the rules and be in the present moment to create awesome maternity photographs.

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