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Here’s How To Capture Amazing Family Portraits

Family portraitsCapturing stunning portraits requires photography gear, technique, lighting and skill. The portrait of a person should capture the essence or personality of the person. This article shares some expert tips on how you can capture amazing Family portraits.

Get Outdoors To Capture The Energy

The simple act of heading outdoors to capture portraits can add color and create fun portraits. Try a location that appeals to the subject and plan the outfits in advance. The fresh air present outdoors can invigorate the photo session and provide a refreshing break for the subject and the photographer. A local park with pruned gardens is a good bet and can provide the perfect backdrop to capture the personality of the subject.

Using An ND Filter With Strobe/Lighting

This works well for portraits that you’re looking to capture on sunny days in broad daylight.Working on sunny days can prove to be a challenge as it lead to harsh light that is not suitable for portraits. However, when you use an ND filter along with your lighting, it filters out the amount of light that is allowed to enter the lens.

Joel Grimes shares some of his ideas on capturing stunning portraits in bright sunlight in a video shared recently on

“An ND filter is most commonly a threaded filter that you screw onto the front of your lens, and what the filter does is cut down, or limit, the amount of light that is allowed to enter the lens. This allows for you to open the aperture on your lens wider, and possibly wide open depending on the ND level you choose, to make those creamy backgrounds a reality.”

Try The Environmental Portrait

Instead of shooting in a formal setting, you can try the environmental portrait, where you capture portraits of the subjects in their natural environments. Identify those comfort zones that your subjects feel happy in and schedule the photo session in their environment. For instance, you could feature your subject as a chef in the kitchen, playing badminton on court or singing karaoke.

Chris Gampat shared in a recent article:

“For those that don’t know, environmental portraits are photos of people in their natural environment. The photos should say something about the person and who they are. They’re very popular with photojournalists and with photographers that do special commissioned headshots.

Ask Your Subject To Lift Their Chin Up and Out

When posing, you should ask your subject to lift their chin up and stick it out a bit. This will give the perception of you having a long neck, making you look slim. This simple tip in posing will make a person look appealing and photogenic in the resulting images.

Want to make it big in the world of portrait photography? Here are some useful ideas to take your portrait photography skills a notch higher.

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