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Here’s How To Transform Your Pre-Wedding Photographs

Pre wedding photographer ChennaiLooking for a fun way to announce your wedding or send your invitations to your friends? How about scheduling a pre-wedding photography session that will surprise everyone and get you excited about the wedding. We all know that wedding photographs are usually formally posed, making them difficult to relate to. So how can you transform your pre-wedding photographs to make them fun and interesting? Here’s how.

Tell Your Story Through Photographs

Use the opportunity to tell your story – maybe how you met, fell in love, etc.. There’s no point scheduling your Pre wedding photographer Chennai shoot in an exotic location if it does not carry fond memories for the two of you. You could take advantage of the pre-wedding photo shoot to tell your story. This will trigger happy memories for the two of you, making the photographs meaningful and interesting as well.

Radhika Sathe Patwardhan said in a recent article:

“Do a series of photos which tell your story. The more personal it is, the better the result will be. So make sure you discuss details about yourselves, how you met, what is it that made you fall in love with your partner, etc, with your photographer. This will help the photographer come up with interesting ideas for the shoot.”

Capture Photos Of Popular Filmy Poses And Locations

You could also imitate your favourite film stars or shoot in the same locations for added effect. Many couples are inspired by films and song sequences and are setting up their pre-wedding photo session in the same exotic locations, sometimes with lush waterfalls in the backdrop or a historic location like a palace or fort.

Sunayana Suresh said in a recent article:

“Couples often want to try filmi poses, as this is their moment to do that. From elaborate costumes to glamorous makeup there is a lot that is invested. So we add to their fantasies by trying to get inspired by film posters and song sequences. I recently shot a couple on the same lane where Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt cycled in Dear Zindagi. This gives them their own special posters and memories,” adds Aashish.

Transform your pre-wedding photographs with the help of these tips. You could either tell your story or choose to try filmi poses or popular locations. Walk down memory lane by reminiscing old memories shared with your loved ones.

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