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Here’s How Wedding Photographers Can Make It Big

wedding photographerFinding happy customers in wedding photography can be a tough cookie to crack. However, if you focus on improving your skills as a photographer and capture lasting moments in the life of a couple, you can make it big as a wedding photographer. Here are some pointers you can use to establish yourself and set yourself apart from others in the industry.

Focus On Relationships; Not Checklists

While it’s important to capture all the key events, don’t limit yourself to posed images. Focus on the relationships and pay attention to how people interact with each other at the wedding. Keep an eye on the couple and follow their directions, when it comes to capturing images. You may be surprised to see how these relationships translate to images. When you find the bridesmaids interacting with each other or when you look at friends catching up after a long time, it can give you some action to photograph.

Will Neder said in a recent article:

“One of the great reasons to have a planner is to offload the rigorous checklists, and the responsibility to march through them, so that you can focus your attention on more important things. But it’s more than this. Many couples forget to plan the interactions they really want to have. Have you considered the 5 or 10 most important guests, hosts, or friends that you wanted to spend time with and thought about how to ensure you really get a few good moments with them?”

Be A Storyteller

Your job is to tell a story. Create excitement and narrate a life story through your images. Wedding photography should excite, have a history or trigger fond memories of the day when the couple got hitched for a lifetime.

As shared in a recent article on Adorama, Vanessa Joy, wedding photographer gives her insights on what brings success.

“My job is to be a storyteller and help my brides and grooms remember their wedding day long after it’s escaped from memory. If they look at their wedding photos again and again over the years, then I have succeeded.”

The key thing here is to tell a story through well-composed images. Bring in relevant props or include locations and backgrounds that speak to the couple. This will create lasting memories for the couple.

While it’s great to be well-organized, create a checklist and be prepared for surprises, it’s also good to watch out for emotions, focus on relationships and make them come alive through wedding photography.

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