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Hone The Art of Capturing Family Photos With These Tips

family photo sessionWith the year coming to a close, it’s time to plan your family photo session in the holidays. While getting your family together for the photo session itself is a big task, it’s not the only challenge. You will also have to think about the outfits, props, composition and more. As you go about scheduling a family photo session this holiday season, it pays to learn some tips from professional photographers. You’ll find the perfect setting for your family photographs with twinkling lights, decorated homes, Christmas trees and stars.You can avoid mistakes commonly made by photographers and hone the art of capturing family photos. Read this article to get some ideas for capturing family photos.

Break The Rules

You don’t always have to play by the rules. You can also get creative and experiment with the composition to get an interesting perspective. When you follow the rule of thirds, you align the subject along the imaginary lines that you see across the composition. This helps in bringing attention to the subjects at focal points in the photograph. However, when you’re posing a family, you can bend the rules because there are too many people in the frame.

Anna Johnstone said in a recent blog article on how to take a good family photo:

“In photography, the rule of thirds involves aligning your subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, and it can be a useful way to bring attention to your intended focal points. But don’t be too constrained by these kinds of rules – find your own style. You want to stand out from the crowd after all!”

Add Festive Props To Your Photos

You could add relevant, seasonal props to the photos to tell a story or make the photos interesting. These props could make the photos come alive. It could be as simple as wearing Santa hats or other accessories that resonate with the season. This simple idea can transform your holiday photos.

Jamie Davis Smith said in a recent Huffington Post article about capturing the perfect family holiday card:

“Get in the holiday spirit by adding festive props to your photos. Have your family (and maybe a family pet, too), wear reindeer or Santa hats, or use garlands as scarves – or simply position your children next to wrapped presents, snowy scenes, anything that can help share some holiday cheer this season.”

Plan your holiday family photos and use the ideas in this article to create some awesome holiday cards. It is time to reach out to friends and relatives and spread some cheer this holiday season! Schedule your family photo session today!

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