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How To Add Life To Your Family Photos

family photosMost of us have our family photo albums, in which we can be seen posing stiffly and smiling, marking an occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. However, the photographs that make us smile the most are those where you find your baby brother licking ice-cream or your sister giving the modeling pose. You don’t need to invest in expensive props to make your family photos meaningful. Here are some ways to add life to your family photos.

Documentary-style Family Photos

The trend of capturing documentary-style family photos is catching on. This style mimics the candid photography style, where the family is relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. Ideally, the family should be photographed, when they are involved in an activity together. The resulting snaps will be sure to bring smiles on the faces of friends and family members. These family photos capture the family as they are, without altering them or making them appear staged.

Caroline Bologna said in a recent article on family photos:

“Baca has been taking documentary-style family photos since 2015. “Documentary family photography captures the personalities of the individuals in the family and how the family as a whole interacts together unaltered,” she told HuffPost. “This genre isn’t about polished moments or encouraged smiles, it’s all real life.”

Choose A Location That Your Family Frequents

The location of a family photo session matters a lot and influences the outcome of the photo session. It’s a good idea to select a location that your family frequents. It could be a favorite place that all of you enjoy hanging out together. Choose an authentic place rather than a picturesque location that does not hold special value. Remember, the family photo should tell a story about your family.

Jody Robbins said in a recent article on fall family portraits:

“According to Rachel Boekel, a lifestyle photographer in Canmore, any spot your family frequents regularly should be considered, as the images are a representation of how you spend your time together. “A coffee shop or local playground will look more authentic than, say, a mountain backdrop if your family isn’t outdoorsy,” she says.”

Making your family photo personal and meaningful will breathe life into your family photos. It’s a great way to share the joy and happiness of relationships.

Reflect the interests of the family members in the photographs. This makes your family photographs a lasting treasure for all of you to cherish for years to come. If you’re out of ideas for family photographs, consult with a professional family photographer today.

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