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How To Capture Better First Day of School Photos

School photographsWhile kids can be confused about what to expect in school, it’s the parents who are relieved about not having to baby-sit their kids. The first day of school can be dramatic leading to tears or excitement about the new school bag and friends. What better way to celebrate this new milestone than to compose beautiful School photographs. Read on to learn about how to capture better first day of school photos.

Have Your Kid Pose With Props Like Books

Using fun props that are indicative of the first day at school is a great idea. You could use books, water bottle, and nerdy glasses to indicate that it’s the first day of school for your kid.

The article on first day of school photo ideas suggests the use of props:

“Wrap up some old college textbooks with your child’s grade and start date printed on the spine. Add an apple on top of the stack and voila! You’ve nailed the back-to-school photo.”

You can think up innovative ideas for your back to school photo. You could even have your kid hold an umbrella if it’s the monsoon season. This way, the photo tells a story about your child’s first day of school. It adds context and makes the photo come alive with interesting details.

Have Fun With The Way Your Kid Gets To School

Instead of making it feel like a compulsory activity, you can have fun with the way your kid gets to school. Make it interesting for the kids by allowing them to go to school using their favorite mode of transportation. Whether it’s a bike, car or bus, encourage them and help the kids stay positive. This will help you achieve a big, bright smile on the kid’s face.

Photographer Danielle Guenther said in a recent article about tips to capture memorable photos on the first day of school:

“Guenther also suggested having fun with the way your family gets to school on the first day. “Do you usually walk or drive up to the school or bus stop? Forget it! Let them scooter, bike or skateboard!” she said. “Children tend to be nervous on the first day, but if you let them use their favorite mode of transportation, they’ll put on their best smile for you.”

Sometimes, simply by playing along with your kids in their attitude and behavior could help you. Using props is a great way to keep the kids engaged while you get some good photos. Using these ideas will help you capture some great captures of your kids’ first day of school.

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