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How To Capture Genuine Smiles In Your Photos

portrait photographyMost of us enjoy seeing photos with genuine smiling faces of our family members or friends. Fake smiles can easily ruin a photo or portrait photography. This is why it’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve to make the subjects in your photographs give a genuine smile. Sometimes, all it takes is a different approach or a word, in others; it takes a fun gesture or physical activity.

Say Money Instead of Cheese

You can improvise as a photographer and prompt the subjects to say money, instead of the standard, ‘cheese.’ Pronouncing this word will make your subjects drop their jaw, creating a beautiful smile. This unexpected change is likely to bring a natural smile to the faces of the subjects.

Will Nicholls said in a recent article on getting natural smiles:

“Something as simple as saying “money” instead of “cheese” when smiling works wonders. Pronouncing “money” ensures that the model drops their jaw as well, leading to that golden smile. It also has that surprising, novelty factor which can be quite amusing and unexpected.”

When All Else Fails, Jump

If you’re dealing with children, a great way to engage with kids and make them smile is to ask them to jump. Count to 3 and ask them to jump. This simple idea can bring color to their cheeks and make your subjects smile. The random suggestion of jumping will likely make your subjects smile at the idea.

Jennifer Borget said in a recent article on how to make a child smile:

“1-2-3 JUMP! When you have more than one child this is a great way to get smiles from the whole gang. It’s not the jumping action you’re trying to capture (though that is adorable too) but the smiles that come in anticipation and after they land.”

Suggesting some unique or absurd ideas to try out during the photo session is a good idea to capture genuine smiles in your photos. Just don’t make it predictable and pay attention to the mood of the subjects. Knowing they are feeling sad will give you ideas to lighten up their mood or if they are happy, you can share that feeling with them. Connecting with people can help you achieve your goals, provided you know what to look for and how to do it.

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