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How To Capture Great Family Photos For Your Holiday Card

family photographers in MumbaiIt’s that time of the year again, when you get busy with shopping, baking, decorations and parties. In the midst of your busy schedule, don’t forget to have your family photographs taken for your holiday card. Reach out to your family and friends with holiday cards that share the joy of togetherness and love. Professional family photographers in Mumbai are ready to capture fun memories of your holiday with family members. Here are some tips you can use to get some cool captures of your family.

Make It Interesting To See

It’s a good idea to have the family members pose in different styles, some seated, some standing or leaning. This makes the photograph visually interesting to see. Avoid making the family members stand in a row. It makes for bad viewing.

Mark Rightmire said in a recent article:

“Make it visually interesting-If it’s a large group, have some people standing and others seated. Perhaps someone can hold the cat or dog. Use the stairway, tree, or porch, to get people on different levels so everyone can be seen.”

Use A Flash Indoors

Lighting can often make or break a photograph. This is why you need to pay attention to lighting and use a flash where necessary. If you’re shooting indoors, it’s a good idea to use a flash. If you’re shooting outdoors, shoot during the early morning hours or late evening hours. The natural lighting present in these timings will help you capture perfect snaps.

Mckenzie Kracht said in a recent article:

“When shooting indoors, use a flash or raise the camera’s ISO (image sensor) to a higher level.”

Be In The Moment

Pay attention to what the family members are most excited about. Capture this excitement by engaging them with a related activity. It could be that the kids are enjoying playing with soft toys, while the grown-ups are trying to look their Sunday best. Keep them engaged by asking them to huddle together and hold each other. This shows a connected, happy family with the members enjoying each other’s company.

Use Fun Props

You can make the holiday photo session interesting by using fun props. Feel free to add in balloons, Christmas tree, Santa caps or even reindeer toys. It sets the context and gives out a positive vibe of joy.

Make The Kids Sit

You can reduce the chances of running around after kids if you make them sit. Making the kids sit reduces the possibility of the kids running around. It makes them focused on posing for the photo shoot.

Keep Some Treats Or Candy Ready

It’s a good idea to keep some treats like candy ready with you. Kids love to eat candy, while the grown-ups too enjoy treats from time to time. This is likely to set a positive tone for the photo session and give you happy smiles through the photo session.

Use the tips shared in this article to capture memorable family photographs for your holiday card. Plan your photo session and have fun with the poses, outfits and props.

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