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How To Capture Great Portraits

portraits photographers A portrait should ideally capture a person’s personality, without overdoing it. It should be a window to the soul. While having make-up is great, it should not be the only focus of the photo session. A good portrait should highlight the individual traits of a person that makes him/her unique. Read on to learn from expert portraits photographers about how you can capture portraits that are visually interesting.

Be Flexible And Be Ready To Turn Problems Into Opportunities

Sometimes, you need to be ready for surprises. For instance, if you find that your client is conscious about the way she looks because of a large mole on her face, you could encourage her to try make-up that would make the mole less obvious. Turning around problems into opportunities is a great way to make the most of what you have. You could also have an artist try face-painting to bring on a whole new dimension to the portrait, making your client feel special.

Enzo Dal Verme, a well-known portrait photographer said in a recent Petapixel article:

“Enjoy being flexible and learn how to turn problems into opportunities. Don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory if the spirit moves you. Getting out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but also enriching.”

Aim For Symmetry

Let’s face it. Not everyone is blessed with symmetrical faces and features. However, for the purpose of portrait photography, you could identify those features that are asymmetrical and angle the lens away, so as to achieve symmetry in the final output. Use make-up like a concealer to bring about an illusion of symmetry in the resulting portrait.

Joe Edelman, another established photographer shares his expertise on portrait photography in a recent article:

“Look for the asymmetry in your subject’s face while you’re chatting with them to break the ice. Specifically, look to see which eye is bigger. Then, angle that side of the face away from the lens. This will help make both sides of the face look even.

Edelman goes on to discuss a few other tips, but they all boil down to chasing symmetry. Use perspective, hair styling, make-up, and lighting to give the illusion of a symmetrical face and you should end up with better results every time.”

Taking a great portrait is an art that needs the practice to be perfected. This article shares some ideas to capture portraits that will be cherished and reflect the personality of a person.

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