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How To Capture Kids At Their Best

kids portfolio photographyKids can be a riot as long as they are engaged with something and not expected to sit and follow instructions to pose.  If you make the photo session interesting for them, they will be more likely to emote and give you the right expressions. Here are some cool tips to capture kids at their best when it comes to kids portfolio photography.

Just let them be

Avoid giving too many instructions to kids as they will have a mind of their own. Just let them be and find out what catches their fancy. It could be a story, a prop, an accessory or a soft toy. Then, give them space to feel comfortable, before you begin shooting them. Talk to them for some time and play a fun game with them. This would be sure to get them excited.

Shoot In Continuous Or Burst Mode

It’s a good idea to shoot in continuous or burst mode for kids who are very active and keep running around. Shooting in continuous or burst mode will help you click beautiful pictures of kids.

Molly Ballint says in a recent article in babycentre blog:

“If you have a quick-moving subject (aka your toddler) shoot in continuous or burst mode. If you can’t find this setting on your camera, take a moment to look it up in your manual or online. This will allow you to capture your fast-moving kiddo in action.”

Share A Secret

Kids enjoy telling and keeping a secret. So pretend to share a secret and watch their expressions to capture a perfect shot. You will be sure to capture a naughty grin. The simple act of whispering into the ears of kids makes them feel special and valued.

Take The Kids Outdoors

Kids enjoy frolicking in the sunshine and love being outdoors. So break the monotony of the photo studio and take a walk in the nearby park. The breeze and the natural sunlight can make your portraits stand out. You could also include the foliage in the autumn months. Wait for the kids to run around and be at ease, before you start clicking them.

Give Them The Liberty To Pick Their Outfit

You can even allow the kid to pick their own outfits. This will be sure to get them excited about the photo session. It will also help in making the kid listen to you, when you ask them to pose. It takes a bit of give and take to make the photo session a success.

Charlie Brooks said in a recent article:

“One dad eschewed with the annual fussing about photogenic clothing and gave his daughter a chance to pick what she wore for school pictures. The result was a terrific picture that shows off just how cute the little girl is and which contains a healthy dose of personality to boot.”

Capturing kids at their best takes some tricks and a bag full of ideas. Be open to learning and experiment with poses to capture beautiful portraits today.

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