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How To Capture Kids At Their Naughtiest Best

Kids PhotographyWho remembers photos where we as children were asked to pose stiffly for the cameras? Probably very few. Now, the trend has shifted towards photos of kids at their naughtiest best. They can be goofy or just make faces at the camera. The idea is to be themselves and allow the camera to capture their little personalities, whether they are shy and quiet or outgoing by nature.

Make The Kids Dress Appropriately For The Weather

Make sure that the kids are dressed appropriately for the weather. If it’s summer, you can get them to wear some sleeveless, airy shirts. If it’s the winter season, you should ensure that the kids are wearing clothes that keep them warm. Inappropriate clothing can make the kids uncomfortable. This uneasiness will reflect in the resulting photographs of children.

Randy Klein said in a recent article about taking great photos of children:

“This one might seem obvious, but I’m always amazed by how many parents show up to a fall session on a 40-degree windy day with their kids dressed in a “cute” light shirt. Unsurprisingly, cold kids are usually miserable and it shows in the photos.”

Let The Kids Have Some Play Time

Most kids enjoy playing with toys and games. Nobody wants kids to get cranky. You cannot expect the kids to stay calm for long periods of time, while you make them pose.  So, you should schedule some time for the kids to let loose and play. You could also join them and get silly with them. It helps in breaking the ice resulting in professional Kids Photography.

Jennifer Borget said in a recent article about photographing active kids:

“Don’t feel the need to stifle your child into a pose. Just let him do what he loves and be nearby to capture that. I like to have a great zoom lens on hand when capturing my active kids so I have the option of zooming with my feet, or my lens if I’m confined to the stands.”

Kids can be very stubborn. So if the kids don’t want to pose, don’t push them. Let them play for some time. You could also bribe them into posing by letting them play for some time.

The idea is to capture kids at their naughtiest best. So you need to make them feel comfortable if you want them to emote for you. Be silly, play with them or become friends with them. Whatever works to get the photos you need.

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