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How To Capture Stunning Wedding Portraits

wedding photographers in JayanagarEverybody wants a picture-perfect wedding portrait that is Instagram-ready. The reality is that there will be plenty of goof-ups and unexpected events that could surprise you. The trick is to enjoy your big day and have fun. The rest will fall in place, when you trust in your photographer and have some tricks up your sleeve to capture dreamy wedding portraits.

Here are some ideas from expert wedding photographers in Jayanagar on how to take stunning wedding portraits.

Use Leftovers For Unique Wedding Portraits

Is there a lot of confetti leftover from the wedding? You could use the confetti to good effect to capture stunning images with your better half. You could take the help of your cousins to throw the confetti over the two of you, while you kiss each other. It could result in memorable pictures of the two of you.

Wedding planners Jennifer Arreguin and Natasha Burton, co-founders of Swoon California said in a recent article:

“Throw confetti left over from what you’ll be passing out to guests to toss or use flowers that didn’t fit into the arrangements (or simply pluck some from your bouquet after you get hitched) to create stylish set-ups with your invitation, shoes, etc.,”

Schedule The Photo Session During The Sunset Hours

Another trick that almost always works is to take photographs in the sunset hours. An hour preceding sunset and post sunset are perfect to capture lasting wedding portraits. The lighting is perfect for capturing dreamy wedding portraits.

Tim Muller, co-founder of George Street Photo and Video said in a recent article:

“For those dreamy, glowy photos, plan on having your photographer outside during golden hour, which is the hour directly before the sunset. During this time, the sun will be low enough to create those strong golden hues, soft shadows, and some serious sun flare. Swoon.”

Show Some Pet Love

You should bring your pet along and have some exclusive photographs clicked along with your pet. Animal lovers often cherish these photos the most. You could cuddle with your pet or enjoy some nose kisses with your pet, while you are dressed in your wedding finery. You could also get your pet ready for the photo session by choosing some fun accessories.

Posed shots are often not the best of images. You could get candid and have some informal images taken to capture the atmosphere in the wedding. Sometimes, these turn out to be the best. Don’t be surprised if you wish to frame one of these candid snaps.

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