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How To Capture Visually Interesting Family Photographs

family photo studio in MumbaiTired of seeing the same old mundane poses in your family photo album? Then, it is time to experiment with poses and ideas to take visually interesting family photographs. Head to a professional family photo studio in Mumbai to capture lasting memories of your loved ones through well-composed images. Read on for some tried and tested techniques to capture photographs that trigger fond memories for all.

Let The Family Members Touch Each Other At Some Point

You could convey ‘connectedness’ between individual family members by making them touch each other at some point. If the family members pose by maintaining some distance between them without hugging or holding hands, it can convey an awkward relationship or highlight the distance between them.

Heather Laura Clarke said in a recent article:

“There is no perfect pose that works for every family, but Clarke says everyone should be touching — otherwise your family’s likely to look like an uncomfortable group of strangers.

“Hugging, hand-holding, and leaning slightly toward each other help build that sense of connection,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to choose a point off camera for everyone to look at instead of looking straight at the lens.”

Capture Photos of Your Family Engaged In An Activity

It’s also a great idea to take photos of your family members when they’re involved in an activity. Find out what the family enjoys doing together. It could be playing a game, doing artwork or solving puzzles. Action shots make a photograph come alive. Instead of letting your hands fall limp by your side, getting involved in the activity can help the family members emote, resulting in natural reactions on all their faces.

Amy Drucker said in a recent article:

“Brainstorm session ideas: consider what your family or client like to do together and, if possible, incorporate this into the shoot. Alternatively, set up an activity and then watch for, or create, interaction between the various family members.”

A winning family photo is one where all the family members are captured at their best, when they’re emoting and engaged in an activity together.

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