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How To Create Timeless Family Portraits

Family photo studio in Chennai Creating family portraits for the holiday season is a great way to celebrate your families. Although it can be a challenge to get children to pose, this is possible with the help of some tricks used by photographers. The end results will justify the efforts that you have put in to create a memorable family portrait. You can take advantage of the upcoming holidays in the month of December to set up a family portrait photography session. Family photo studio in Chennai suggests using the family portrait in a customized greeting card to send to your loved ones, both near and far. Read this article to learn more about how you can create timeless family portraits.

Use A General Color Scheme,

Don’t be rigid when deciding the color of the outfits for your family portrait. Instead select a general color scheme and select tones and shades that fit into the color scheme. Include neutral colors to make it seem candid and relaxed, rather than posed. 

Alexandra Gekas shared some ideas for family portraits in a recent article:

“Which is why New York City–based photographer Meg Miller of Meg Miller Photography recommends using a more general color scheme.”I tell clients to approach the family’s wardrobe as if they were decorating a room. First pick a color scheme, then add different shades, textures and patterns,” she says. And remember: “Neutrals, which include denim, can and should be mixed in.”

Try The Vintage Theme

You could create timeless portraits by using the vintage theme. You could use props from your family heritage or use heirlooms for a distinct look. Choose outfits that have gone out of fashion to create a classic family portrait. Black and white photography, coupled with props like old-world umbrellas and hats can also do the trick.

According to a recent blog on Journal Gazzette:

“You can express this by pulling from your family heritage. For example, you could dress your daughter in your childhood velvet dress. Or include your grandfather’s vintage toy train set as a prop. Some photographers specialize in black-and-white photography, as well as sepia effects. If you really want to try an authentic and timeless look, some photographers are experimenting with glass plate photography.”

Reduce Distances Among Family Members

You should make sure that the family members are standing close together or are connected to each other in the portrait. Reduce any distances that you notice between them, because any spaces can be magnified, giving the perception that the family is disconnected and aloof. Have them put their arms around each other or make them hold each other, depicting closeness and reflecting the family bond shared among them.

Creating timeless family portraits requires some skills and ideas on how to engage everyone and bring them together by communicating with the family members. This will help in creating beautiful family portraits that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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