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How To Improve Your Candid Captures

candid photographyWhile it’s relatively easy to get posed shots, capturing candid snaps that tell a story or carry a fond memory can be a challenge. Candid snaps can capture the personality of the people involved. It can feature emotions, expressions or personal likes or dislikes. Read on to learn of some tips to improve your candid snaps.

Think In Stories

It’s a good practice to think of ways to tell a story through your images. Aim to tell a story by a collection of these images. Next, try to limit yourself to one snap that can effortlessly tell a story. There you have it. When you turn your focus to story-telling, you will achieve your goals with candid photography.

Michael DeStefano said in a recent article on lifestyle photography tips for candid shots:

“Whether your client is a newlywed couple or a brand, they are trying to tell a story with these images. Start by thinking of several images that together tell their story then try and create a single image that captures that same narrative. Creating options will give your client a variety of ways to use your images.”

A Candid Photo Captures Life In Real Time

Another important aspect to remember is that a candid photo should ideally capture life in real time. It’s like a slice of life, where nothing is posed, yet feels natural and mimics real-life situations.

Sam Chapin said in a recent blog about capturing photos of loved ones:

“The beauty of a candid photo is that it can never be repeated. The facial expressions, emotions, and movements are spontaneous and fleeting, therefore utterly organic. These are the photos that get remembered and held on to. They are the photos that help define memories and immortalize events.

Because candid photos capture life in real time, it will often take a bit more of them to capture a winning image.”

How can you get your subjects to be spontaneous? Allow them to feel comfortable during the photo session. Have a chat with them and talk about their interests. This will be sure to help them open up to you, allowing a peek into their personalities and interests.

Taking candid snaps that breathe the personality of the people requires professional expertise. This article shares many useful ideas to improve your candid snaps.

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