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How To Improve Your Family Photography Skills

family photography Looking for tips to improve your skills in family photography? You will find satisfied clients when you’re able to communicate clearly and deliver what is expected of you. There is no magic secret that will work in your favour or shortcuts you can use to reach your goals. Instead, you can hone your photography skills and use the tips shared in this article to capture memorable family portraits.

Identify What The Parents Are Looking For

A good starting point is to have an initial meeting to discuss and find out what is the end goal of the family photography session. What will the photographs be used for? Is it to record a milestone or an anniversary? Or to celebrate an occasion? You need to take relevant snaps that reflect this milestone or event.

Louise Downham shared in a recent article:

“Find out the parents’ priorities—what are they looking for? Is there anything they particularly want from the photographs? Do they have a particular reason for having the photographs taken now, for example, a birth announcement card?”

Ask Tall Subjects To Spread Their Feet Apart

If there are tall subjects who are part of the family, don’t get worked up. All you need to do is to ask them to stand with their feet apart. This way, they will have a torso that is vertically posed and will be covered in the frame.

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Headshot photographer, Peter Hurley explains in a recent Petapixel article:

“In the 5-minute video above, Hurley discusses situations in which you’re photographing a tall subject standing next to a shorter one. Instead of having the taller subject bend down, which gives their torso an unattractive angle, Hurley suggests having them spread their feet apart out of the frame.”

Capture The Family In Action

You can ask the family members to say, shout or do something. Taking snaps of the family when they’re in motion, makes the portrait come alive. It’s better than having posed photos of family members where they’re simply standing with their hands by their side. Get them to strike a certain pose or bend their hands and legs to create interest in the family portrait.

These tips will help you improve the composition of your family photographs. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep trying new angles and poses, until you are satisfied with the end result and you end up with happy customers.

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