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How To Make A Newborn Photo Session Appealing

new born photographyEvery family has a story to tell about the newest member of their family or a new-born baby. There could be something unique about the baby that could grab attention or make the family feel special about the little one. A new-born photography session should be planned by considering what makes the baby unique or special to the family. Is it the curls, red hair or the smile? Highlight these features in the new-born photo session. Have you prepared a nursery for the arrival of the little one? You could choose the nursery as a location for the photo session and feature the nursery prominently in newborn photography.

Tell The Story Of The Baby

Parents need to tell the story of their baby through the photo session. Were there certain cravings during the pregnancy that stood out? You could feature them in the photo session. Do you cherish the baby’s smiles or their hair? It’s a good idea to feature these in the photo session.

Australian photographer Rebecca Colefax, who specializes in newborn photography, said in a recent blog on babycenter:

“From sleepy smiles to tummy rolls, Rebecca’s photos capture all those details moms and dads long to remember.

“I really like to tell the story of the baby, rather than what the baby is in or what the baby is wearing,” she explains of her unique style. “Something that tells a story to the parents about their child, and the beauty of them naturally and the simplicity of their tininess, their little features, the delicate nature of what a newborn baby is.”

At The End of The Storm Is A Rainbow

If your baby is a rainbow baby, you could highlight the hope it brought to your lives as parents, through a well-composed photograph. Grieving parents who have lost a child treasure the baby as a gift as they see it as a ray of hope. Feature clothes like scarves in rainbow colors which has all the colors of the rainbow in the photo session. The colors of the rainbow signify hope after a storm.

Melissa Willets said in a recent Babycenter blogarticle:

“She truly is our rainbow, and after a 44-hour labor experience, she is even more of a beacon of hope for us,” the clearly smitten new dad says. “At only 2 weeks old, she is vibrant in every sense of the word. It was important to us to capture her in this way to serve as a reminder that after the turbulent times of your storm, on the other end, waiting for you is a beautiful rainbow. Ours was Karsyn.”

Your new-born photographs should speak to you and appeal to you and your family. Tell the story of your baby to make the resulting photographs meaningful for you and the family.

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