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How To Make Infant Baby Photos Stand Out

infant baby photographyParents of infants are very excited about welcoming an infant in their lives and often want to capture lasting memories with well-composed photographs. When it comes to infant baby photography, care must be taken to ensure the baby’s comfort. Turn up the temperature in the room for a warmer environment to keep the baby cosy. Here is your chance to treasure the memories of your baby and even capture milestones like the first teeth, first walk and first frock. Here are some more ideas to make infant baby photographs stand out.

Get The Mother To Talk To Her Baby

Babies feel most secure and happy with their mothers. So, if you’re looking to make an infant more comfortable, it’s a good idea to let the mother talk to her child for some time. Set aside time for the mother to talk to her little one. It can make all the difference.

Keep the infant engaged by talking to them, playing peek-a-boo and making funny faces. This is the best way to get their priceless expressions captured through well-composed photographs.

Subashini Vanangamudi, who has shot over a 100 babies, adds, in a recent Times of India article:

“We make it as comfortable as we can for the babies, because we don’t want to shoot kids with bumps on their heads or red eyes. We also make use of toys to keep them occupied. I usually make the mother sit with the baby and talk to them to put them at ease.”

Get Creative With Themed Shoots

You could try themed photo sessions to make the photographs come alive. Are you passionate about music, sports or books? Think up a fun way to capture photographs of kids that breathe your interests. Plan outfits and accessories to suit the theme and you can take home some adorable baby photographs.

Lauren Levy said in a recent article:

“With just a set of her childhood books, a pair of glasses, a knit scarf, and a Halloween cauldron, the Illinois photographer turned her newborn into a precious Potter fan who everyone is obsessing over. But these images aren’t just special to Kayla because of their ode to her own childhood.”

Capture Their Little Personalities

It’s a good idea to focus on the personalities of the infant babies. Spend some time to find out what makes the little one special? Is it the twinkle of the eyes, the naughty grin or the upturned nose that makes the baby unique? Then, compose images that will bring out these characteristics of the baby.

At the end of the day, the focus should remain on your baby. The photographs should bring back fond memories shared with your child, it should not surprise or shock you.

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