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How To Make Photos of Children Stand Out

children photographersWondering how to compose jaw-dropping photos of children? It takes some tricks and skill to capture a winning picture that speaks a thousand words. And it does not involve posing kids in uncomfortable postures or using loud make-up. This article takes a look at some tips by experts on how you to take stunning photographs using children photographers in Bangalore.

Wait A Bit Before You Click The Shutter

Be patient with children and wait a bit before you click the shutter, when the kids are ready to be snapped. Kids have short attention spans and need to be engaged with play or activity to keep them interested. Spend time interacting with them and playing with them to make them feel comfortable. Take photographs of kids when you notice that the children are happy and enjoying themselves. Don’t ask them to smile for you. Instead, crack a joke and wait for their faces to light up with happy smiles. The trick is to wait a bit before you click the shutter. You will end up with photographs that will make customers happy.

Photographer Katie Lister said in a recent Huffington post:

Katie Lister has some clever tricks for capturing children with short attention spans:  “For an authentic natural smile, wait a few seconds longer before you click the shutter – a child might give you a cheesy grin initially but if you can make them laugh and snap your photo just afterwards, you’re more likely to get natural smiles.

Choose A Shallow Depth of Field

When you choose a shallow depth of field, it will make your subject come in sharp focus, while blurring the background. This creates a dreamy look in the photographs that creates amazing photographs. You need to keep the focus on the children and not allow other distracting elements to steal the focus in the image. Sometimes, the background may be too noisy or colourful, taking the focus away from the children in the photographs.

Katie Andelman said in a recent article:

Choosing your depth of field gives you complete creative control over how much of your image is in focus. Shooting with a shallow or open aperture allows me to have my subject in focus. The rest of my image falls out of focus, resulting in a creamy, blurry background and a sharp subject.

When children enjoy themselves, it will translate to happy images of children. Explain to them about why you are taking the photos and how it helps create fond memories for a lifetime. This will get you the co-operation of the kids to capture great images of the children.

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