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How To Make Your Maternity Photo Session Special

Wellspring maternity photo studioAre you excited about your pregnancy and the baby bump that seems to never stop growing? Why not plan a maternity photo session so that you can treasure your pregnancy? This period, when you have you a life growing within you is special and deserves to be documented. Here are some ideas that you can adapt to transform your maternity photo session. Walk into a Wellspring maternity photo studio to take home priceless memories today.

Use A Symbolic Prop For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

It’s a great idea to use a symbolic prop for your maternity photo session. It could add meaning to the photographs, making it truly special for you, as a couple. For instance, Tayler Borre chose to feature Disney’s character, ‘Nemo’ in the maternity photo shoot because her baby was to be born with limb differences. Nemo has a fin shorter than the other, making it a perfect prop to be used for the photo session.

Jill Robbins said in a recent article on including Finding Nemo in the maternity photo shoot:

“At first glance, Tayler Borre’s baby bump photo — complete with a tiny replica of Nemo, from Disney’s Finding Nemo — might lead you to believe that she’s a die-hard Disney lover, who just had to include her favorite character in her special moment. But the second I laid eyes on the photo, I knew there was more to it than met the eye. I had a feeling that the adorable little toy Nemo, cradled against that pregnant belly, likely meant the child inside would be born with a lucky fin of her own.”

Take Advantage of Natural Phenomenon

If there happens to be a natural phenomenon that is spectacular in itself, you could choose to feature it in the maternity photo session. For instance, Nichole Carver chose to remember the total solar eclipse along with her pregnancy by having a maternity photo session. The resulting photographs were simply stunning and will always be cherished by her family and friends.

Haley Otman said in a recent article on her maternity photo shoot:

“A recent photo opp celebrated two things most women experience only a few times in their life: the impending birth of a new baby and a total solar eclipse.

When Nichole Carver realized she would be close to welcoming her third child right when her hometown was in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse, she and her photographer knew they had to incorporate this celestial moment into her maternity photos.”

Learn how you can take advantage of natural phenomenon or props that are meaningful to make your maternity photo session come alive. Consult with a professional photo studio today to record these beautiful memories and take home priceless images.

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