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How To Make Your Maternity Photos Stand Out

Maternity photography If you want to create timeless images of your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to focus on what makes you happy. Let your maternity photo session reflect your interests and tell your unique story. Don’t let the world dictate how you should look in your maternity photos. Read on to discover how some women made the maternity photo session memorable for their families.

Make It Your Story

Your maternity photography session should reflect the reality of your life. You don’t need to replicate an existing maternity photo session. Instead, be yourself and let your interests be reflected in the photographs. For instance, Sanjana Madappa chose to feature her dogs, who she’s passionate about. While many people, including her friends and doctor suggested that she give up her dogs during her pregnancy, she refused. As it was a high-risk pregnancy and many complications were involved, she decided to focus on looking after her dogs and had a beautiful baby boy at the end of her term.

Sonia Mariam Thomas said in a recent article on a maternity photo session:

“Taking care of my dogs ensured I never felt the need to blame my pregnancy, the baby, or my husband for the state I was in,” Madappa told BuzzFeed.

Feel Free And Show A Bit of Your Soul

Successful photographers know that the difference between an average photograph and a stunning photograph lies in how much a woman is willing to express. Showing a bit of your soul can make a huge difference in maternity photographs. It can include feeling comfortable with the photographer. Choosing the right photographer to work with, makes a huge difference. You can create magic through your maternity photographs if you choose it.

Celebrity photographer, Lola Melani said in a recent Huffingtonpost article on capturing motherhood:

“Every woman I photograph has her own unique, extraordinary story that inspires me. I get to know her story. When “she” can let her true self be seen…that is the moment I look for and capture. This is the magical moment, when I feel the camera between me and my subject disappear and I can see a bit of her soul.”

What are you waiting for? Schedule a maternity photo session at the nearest professional photo studio today. Re-live happy memories of your pregnancy and take home beautiful memories, that will last a lifetime.

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