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How To Make Your Pregnancy Announcement Photos Stand Out

maternity photo shoot Some couples choose to have a professional photo session to announce the good news of pregnancy to their family and friends. You can make the photo session fun by including some fun props and outfits. Think up some creative ideas or just let the maternity photo shoot reflect your personality or lifestyle. The photographs should speak to both of you as a couple and bring smiles to your face. Read on to learn of ways to make your pregnancy announcement stand out.

Let The Photos Reflect Your Lifestyle And Personality

While you could always capture maternity photographs in satin-smooth belly-draping outfits, you can go beyond the mundane and try something creative. Why not use the maternity photo sessions to reflect your lifestyle, personality or interests? It will result in unique maternity photographs that your family will cherish for years to come. Lauren Ferris, for instance, chose to have a maternity photo session at a CrossFit gym, because fitness mattered to her and CrossFit was an essential part of her lifestyle.

Caralynn Lippo shared in a recent article:

“There’s no doubt that a typical “style” for these commemorative pregnancy photos exists – think Pink’s flowy, belly-draping dress Instagram pregnancy announcement set on a natural landscape. But some expecting moms choose to go a different route, with photos that reflect their individual personality and lifestyle. Case in point: Lauren Ferris, a 29-year-old soon-to-be mother of two from Connecticut whose fitness-centric maternity photos are quickly going viral.”

Infuse Some Humour To Make It Special

Each pregnancy has a story that makes it special for the couple. Why not highlight this unique story through some fun images, by infusing humour in them? Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen did just that.

When doctors told Todd that a pregnancy may be complicated in his case, because he’s a paraplegic, the couple was ready to adopt IVF procedure. However, the pregnancy news surprised the couple and made them very happy. Todd arranged a special pregnancy announcement photo session for Amanda and even proposed to her on the same day.

Erica Rae Chong said in a recent article:

“Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg just released what might be the best pregnancy announcement we’ve ever seen.

The hilarious announcement photo features Diesen holding a sonogram photo and Krieg, a paraplegic, sticking his tongue out and giving a thumbs up with the words “It still works!” above him.”

The humour in this case is not only relevant, but also speaks to the couple. It makes for a fun announcement about the pregnancy through the photo shoot, resulting in a perfect maternity photo session. The idea is to have fun and celebrate this relationship and the exciting news of parenthood to the world. If the photographs achieve that, you’ve got yourselves a souvenir to cherish for a lifetime.

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