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How To Prepare Yourself For A Maternity Photo Session

Maternity photo studio in Mumbai Getting nervous about a maternity photo session that you have scheduled? You can have a smooth photo session by being prepared sufficiently in advance of the photo session. Making sure you’re well-groomed for the photo session will make you feel relaxed and feel good about yourself. In addition, deciding the outfits and the location for the photo session will give you sufficient time to plan your accessories and accompanying hairstyle. Consult with a leading maternity photo studio in Mumbai to get pro tips. Here are some more tips to prepare yourself for a maternity photo session.

Get A Manicure And Pedicure Before The Photo Shoot

It is the small details that matter in a maternity photo session. This is why getting a manicure and pedicure done before the photo shoot will ensure that your nails, hands and feet are prim and proper.

Prateek Rallan shared in a recent article:

“A maternity photo shoot has many photographs taken of the belly where probably the parents have their hands around it. Hands and feet play an important role in such pictures. A mother should look at options of getting a nice manicure and pedicure done or simply wear a light nail paint polish for a more finished look that will enhance a close up of her hands around the belly.”

Aim for a polished look to look dignified in the resulting snaps.

Opt For Loose Clothing

Figure-hugging clothes may leave ugly marks on the skin, which may get amplified in the photographs. This is why it’s best to opt for loose outfits. Choose a variety of dresses in different styles, so you can achieve a different look with every snap.

Lola Melanie, famous NYC photographer suggested in a recent article:

“Even though you might want to look tan for your photo session, I recommend that my clients avoid spray tanning, excessive bronzers, and shimmers,” Melani told CafeMom. Also to avoid? Tight underwear! “Arrive at your photo shoot in loose clothing to prevent body marks,” says Melani

Choose Flowing Fabrics

When choosing your outfit, pay attention to the material. It needs to be a flowy material. You could opt for tulle, chiffon, silk, sheer or georgette. It adds a feminine touch to the photographs, making them look magical.

Choose Accessories That Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Don’t forget to include accessories in your maternity photo session. Sometimes, an elaborate necklace can make a simple outfit stand out. You can also choose colourful accessories. Anything that will make you look or feel beautiful.

Minimal Make-up Is The Way To Go

Minimal make-up will enhance the beauty of your maternity photographs. Choose a light nail polish color to enhance your looks. Avoid shimmer and glitter to prevent reflections that can spoil the resulting composition.

Stay clear of worries when approaching your maternity photo session. Use the tips shared in this article to prepare yourself for a maternity photo session.

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