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How To Stop A Newborn Baby From Crying

Newborn photo studio in MarathahalliAmateur newborn photographers can find it a challenge to manage crying babies. Babies can be unpredictable and enjoy making a fuss especially when they’re hungry or not keeping well. This is where newborn baby photographers can benefit by learning some tricks to soothe a crying baby. Or you could also walk into a professional Newborn photo studio in Marathahalli. Take a look at what you can do, when faced with such a situation today.

Prop The Newborn Baby In An Upright Position

Having the newborn baby sit in an upright position is recommended. This will help soothe any digestive issues that the baby would be experiencing. Having tummy pains can be a very normal experience for newborn babies. However, managing the situation and calming the baby is important if you want to capture happy smiles on the baby’s face.

Sophie Crew said in a recent blog article about tips to calm down a fussy newborn baby:

“I have found that in my many years of experience with handling newborn babies almost daily that some newborns are more prone to reflux-type tummy pains. As an adult, you might have the occasional heartburn, and you might know that for you, lying on your back is the last thing you want to do. A good tip if you suspect a moment of fussiness due to reflux in your newborn is to prop him or her upright. I personally like to place them in the froggy position (see image #1 above) while posing, but for everyday handling, a burping position will do just the same.”

Sing A Lullaby Or Hum A Tune

Newborn babies enjoy listening to good music. So if you’re unable to calm a baby by feeding them, try singing a lullaby or just hum a tune. Rocking the baby is also a good idea. Babies feel comfortable when they are being rocked as it mimics the movement felt in the womb. You don’t need to be loud, but being gentle and firm will do the trick.

Laura Falin said in a recent article about ways to soothe a crying baby:

“The article also recommends that if you’re not ready to burst into song (even though your baby loves your singing, I promise), you can just hum. Hum quietly in their ear while rocking slowly to soothe them. It also points out that when you hum, your chest vibrates. You can hold your baby closely so they feel the vibrations, too.”

Knowing how to calm a crying newborn baby is a skill that needs to be learned. This is especially true for newborn photographers. Managing time can be a challenge as you would need to set aside time for feeding and diaper changes. Find out how you can stop a baby from crying and have a fantastic newborn photography session today.

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