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How You Can Use The Background To Create Beautiful Family Portraits

family portraitsHave you noticed that perfectly beautiful family photos sometimes get messed up because of the choice of background? Even the placement of the subjects matter in the composition of the photographs. Here are some ideas when planning the background in family portraits, that can help you capture beautiful portraits.

Plan Your Background In Advance

It’s a good idea to plan your background in advance. Choose a simple background without any distracting patterns or designs. You could also set your family photos against the background of a solid coloured wall. This will help keep the focus on the family members in the foreground, rather than the patterns on the wall or other distracting elements in the background.

Tercius Bufete said in a recent article on taking great family photos:

“Chan says a large, neutral-colored wall makes an ideal canvas because it won’t distract from your subjects. It’s okay to include a Christmas tree or other holiday item in the frame. Just be sure to keep it on the periphery, so the focus is on your friends and family.”

Make sure that your Christmas tree is situated in the corner of the composition. You don’t want the tree or candles to look like it’s growing out of someone’s head.

Ensure Sufficient Space Between The Family Members And The Background

You don’t want family members to look like they’re sticking to the wall.If the family members pose close to the wall, it may look like they are merging together with the background in the resulting portrait. Ensure there is sufficient space between the family and the background. This will allow the viewer to appreciate the background as well as the individual personalities of family members.

DC photographer, Bill Crandal said in a recent article on taking better holiday photos:

“Instead, move the family several feet — or yards — from the home, and consider a waist-up or head-and-shoulders shot, which allows a more intimate image of the people, with enough space to see the house in the background.”

You need to establish the family members as posing separately from the background. Use these tips to create striking family portraits. Keep the focus where it belongs-on the family. Let the background and other props act as supporting elements in the final composition.

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