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Ideas To Capture Memorable Candid Pics Of Kids

Candid photography in ChennaiCandid snaps can tell a story, reveal a fight or be a lasting memory of an event or occasion. When it comes to taking snaps of kids, posed images can look artificial. This is where candid photography comes in. Children can be a handful to manage, because of their playful nature. Here are some ideas to take amazing candid snaps of children. Candid photography in Chennai is taken to the next level with expert photographers.

Take Snaps Of Children In Their Natural State

Kids can get messy when they start playing and having fun. Don’t expect children to stay still and pose for long, they will likely run around. It is a good idea to let the kids feel comfortable by giving them something to do. You can give them soft toys or ask them to draw for you. This will keep them occupied, while giving you the chance to capture amazing candid snaps.

Sara McGinnis said in a recent article:

“We’re louder, dirtier and more chaotic than those pin-perfect shots imply, and over the years I’ve found some of the images I emotionally connect with best are those of kids in their naturally sticky state. I do treasure portrait shots, but it’s the candid snaps of grubby little fists that truly bring the memories flooding back.”

Take Photos of a Subject When They’re Engaged with Something

Instead of running around kids and asking them to behave, it would be better if you let them be themselves. Keep watch as they make gestures and start enjoying themselves. It could be that they’re using a new toy or interacting with each other. This is your cue to take snaps.

Raghu Rai said in a recent article on Hindustan Times:

“On balance, I much prefer to take candid pictures of ordinary people, not well-known ones.When I take a person’s portrait, I am trying to capture the aura of that person. I am trying to get the truth of that person to emerge in the photograph. This is also why it is difficult to capture that truth if the picture is staged; you need to catch the person off guard, in a moment when someone is not being self-conscious.”

Get Down To Their Level

Candid photographs of kids look great when they are taken at their eye level, instead of looking down on them from a higher point of view. This is why it is necessary to spend some time interacting with them by getting down and dirty.

Ever wondered how you can take lasting images of kids that you can cherish for a lifetime? This article shares some great ideas to capture memorable candid snaps of kids.

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