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Ideas To Nail Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

maternity photo sessionExcited about welcoming a little bundle of joy into your life? It’s a good idea to make your maternity photo session stand out. You don’t require elaborate costumes or an exotic location, but some amount of planning will go a long way. Here are some ideas that will help you nail your maternity photo session.

Try A Pre And Post Pregnancy Portrait

Your body undergoes an amazing transformation during pregnancy. Your body expands to nurture a new life. After giving birth, the body readjusts and gets back to the previous shape. You can capture photos to show the difference in the way you look during and after pregnancy. Ensure to have the photos taken in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy when the baby bump is clearly visible. You could then schedule a follow-up photo shoot eight or nine months after giving birth.

Nyakinyua Kibugi shared in a recent article on before and after pregnancy shoots:

“Why don’t you have a before and after shoot and just see how far you’ve come? Have one of when you’re heavily pregnant then have another once you’ve given birth and merge them to make an adorable before and after portrait that you can frame in your room or baby’s room.”

Try Shimmering Body Paint

If your partner is up to it, you could even try shimmering body paint for a creative pre-pregnancy photo session. Include your hubby as well and you could have a lot of fun. When you use body paint, it adds a little magic to the pregnancy portraits. If you’re conservative you could club it along with some matching outfits. Else, you could try the complete body paint look.

Kwasy Danyels said in a recent article on a creative maternity photoshoot:

“Many couples lately are going all out for their shoots and this may be a very tasteful and artistic concept according to some but to others it may just be a little too much as the pictures reveal the expecting mother is barely clothed despite the shimmering body paint.”

The shimmering body paint will make the photos of your partner and you truly memorable. Better still, it will give your little one precious memories of its parents cherishing the memories of the pregnancy period.

It’s time to celebrate motherhood and the special time when you are nurturing a new life within your womb. Here are some ideas to nail your pregnancy photoshoot.

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