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IdeasTo Help You Capture Better Infant Pics

infant photography in ChennaiCan you resist cute photographs of infants? We love to see their tiny feet, hands and smile. When it comes to infant photography in Chennai, it’s a good idea to work with the best. This article shares some cool ideas to capture adorable infant photographs.

Best Time To Take Photos Of A Newborn

When it comes to photographing infants, timing is key to finding success. You should be aware that that the first 15 days are the best for capturing beautiful images of a newborn baby. They naturally curl into poses that are adorable to capture in photographs.

K Pradeep said in a recent article in The Hindu newspaper:

“The ideal time for a newborn shoot, Arun says, is during the first 15 days after birth. “This is the time when the baby curls into many angelic poses and is at its natural best. And the best time to get a picture of the baby sitting is when it is seven or eight months old. During this phase, the body language is something worth treasuring.”

Tell A Story of Hope With A Rainbow Baby Theme

If the couple has lost a baby before having this one, you could tell a story of hope through a ‘rainbow baby’ theme. Just as a rainbow appears after a storm, the baby gives hope to grieving parents, who have lost their earlier babies, for whatever reason.

You could use the rainbow colours in interesting props or to add color to the background. It could make the photos come alive with meaning and personalize the photo session for the parents.

Rebecca Shinners said in a recent article:

“After every storm comes a rainbow—a sentiment that couldn’t be more true for parents welcoming an infant after experiencing a loss. A “rainbow baby” is one that follows a miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth, or infant loss—and they’re more common than you might think. We asked 16 mothers to tell us about their own rainbow babies: Each mother went through unimaginable pain before welcoming a unique and beautiful miracle into her family. But if there’s something every single one of these mothers agrees on, it’s that those experiencing loss need to know that they aren’t alone.”

Infant photography is on the rise and growing in popularity in India. This article shares some ideas to help you capture better infant pics.

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