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Know The Essentials Of Corporate Photography

corporate photo studio in Bangalore Corporate photography is an art that requires skill and technique. When mastered, it could pave the way for a steady source of income. Establishing your photo studio as a popular corporate photo studio in Bangalore takes time and patience.

Why are corporate portraits in demand? This is because they are used to present a face in marketing material, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, company websites and press releases. When there is a distinctive appeal to the corporate portraits, you can rest assured that the corporate would approach you again. Here are some tips that will help you deliver a great experience to corporate customers.

Help The Person Relax

When a person relaxes in front of the camera, it will create better corporate portraits than when the person is tensed. So, take some time to interact with the person and help them feel comfortable. Complimenting them on their best features could get them to relax and give genuine smiles.

Use A Shallow Depth Of Field

When you use a shallow depth of field, the subject remains in focus, while the rest of the image gets blurred. This focuses the attention of the viewer on the subject, while the background gets out of focus. This is a great technique that works well with corporate portraits.

Use Soft Lighting

Use reflectors to soften the lighting to create flattering corporate portraits. Bright lighting can create shadows and unnecessary reflections in the resulting snaps. Making use of soft lighting or natural lighting allows the focus to remain on the person’s facial features, instead of creating ugly shadows.

Look For Ways ToIncorporate Your Brand

If you want the portraits to reflect your work culture or brand, try to incorporate the logo or use a casual/professional theme for the photo session. If your company is a start-up that adopts a casual work culture, depict it by using casual outfits and a setting that will capture the intended theme. However, if the work culture is professional, make sure the outfits and background do not stand out in bright colors. Instead, stick to solid color tones for the background and the outfit.

Planning for the corporate photo session will go a long way in achieving the desired look for the corporate portraits. Following the tips given in this article will help you capture great corporate portraits.

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