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Learn How You Can Capture Beautiful Baby Photographs

baby photographyIf you’re thinking that you need to get elaborate costumes and props to create a beautiful, timeless baby photograph, you are mistaken. As they say, the best things are free. You can keep it simple and let the baby be in her element to capture beautiful baby pictures. Learn from the experts on how to improve your skills in baby photography and compose priceless images of your little one today.

Keep It Simple

Capturing the essence of a baby and allowing the character to shine through is a challenge. However, some world-famous photographers reveal that keeping it simple is difficult to achieve. The honesty in the output is what matters and can create a timeless baby photograph. Don’t go overboard with outfits and props, but focus on capturing the baby’s personality.

Anne Geddes shares her expertise on capturing adorable baby photographs in a recent article:

“Often it’s simplicity that’s very hard to achieve. That’s what I always strive for: to keep it simple. You can have the most beautiful props and everything is prepared but it doesn’t come alive until the baby is in the image. It’s really important to have a sense of being in touch with the child’s humanity and I think a lot of people miss that in my work. Nothing has changed since I first picked up a camera and the way I feel about what constitutes a beautiful image. It needs, to be honest.”

Let The Babies Enjoy Themselves

When you have more than one baby to pose, you could allow the babies to play for a while, and wait for the right moment to capture a timeless image. Sometimes, when we expect babies to pose and smile, they decide to frown. This is why it’s best to give them time to feel comfortable and allow them to enjoy themselves. You could provide soft toys or play peek-a-boo with them because babies simply love this game. You will be sure to walk away with a winning photograph.

Caroline Bologna shared the experiences of a baby photographer in a recent Huffington Post article:

“Cannici took Nico and Siena out of their fancy rental clothes and let them play for a bit. After playtime, they came back into the studio to take more photos. The mom laid them down and snuggled with their siblings

“They immediately held hands and wrapped the other arm around their baby sisters,” Cannici recalled. “I got them to smile by asking them to ‘act goofy,’ which they recently decided is just a hilarious saying.”

That’s when she captured this adorable skin-to-skin bonding photo.”

Be Ready With A Bag of Tricks

With babies, you should be able to think on your feet and be ready with a bag of tricks. They can sense your impatience and stress. So play it cool by spending some time playing with them. If you can get them to smile, you have managed to score. It will be easier to make them listen to you. Know when to engage with them. If they’re irritated or upset, let the mother comfort the baby. When they’re happy, you can approach them and play with them. This will make it easier to get the shot that you had planned.

Baby photography need not be complicated when you know what to look for. Expert photographers believe in keeping it simple and letting the babies show their little personalities in the photographs.

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