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Learn Ways To Improve The Breastfeeding Experience

newborn baby photographyA new baby in the house translates to sleepless nights, erratic feeding schedules, noisy homes, and messy rooms. However, with proper planning, you can take control of the situation and improve the breastfeeding experience for the baby.

It’s common knowledge that breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both mother and baby. Often, the baby struggles with latching onto the mother for breastfeeding or the mother does not have enough milk to feed the baby. This is why it’s important to learn breastfeeding tips to make it easier for new parents. Here are some tips that can help you improve breastfeeding. Tip, don’t forget to schedule newborn baby photography to capture milestones of your baby growth.

Keep Your Baby Skin-to-skin

Establish skin-to-skin contact with the baby, after the little one is born. This is important in establishing a bond between the mother and child. It also helps the baby stay warm and comfortable. It has a lot of benefits for the little one too.

As shared in a recent article on tips for long-term successful breastfeeding:

“Keeping your baby skin-to-skin until after the first feeding is important. Ask that your baby be placed on your tummy after delivery. Skin-to-skin contact, beyond feeding purposes, has other advantages. For one, it’s a way for both mom and dad to bond with the new baby. It also helps the baby stay warm and comfortable, latch on better and feed longer, and cry less, among other things.”

Mothers With Premature Babies Should Pump often

If the baby is born prematurely, it’s a good idea to pump breastmilk. Since babies feed about 8 times a day with a gap of 2-3 hours in between, this will ensure a steady supply of breastmilk to meet the nutritional needs of the newborn. The needs of a premature baby will also be unique, making it even more important for mothers to pump often.

As shared in a recent Times article on Breastfeeding tips:

“Healthy preemies breastfeed often. Therefore, mothers having a premature baby must pump frequently to satisfy their preemies’ hunger. The ideal count for this is 8 times a day at a gap of 2 to 3 hours.”

This article shares some ideas for first-time mothers to improve the breastfeeding experience and to ensure a long-term breastfeeding routine. Knowing what your baby needs and providing for them is just one of the many things you can do to take care of your baby’s health.

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